What’s In Your Wallet?

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Seeing Crystal play copycat made me want to play, too.

This won’t take long.  I quit carrying a wallet a few months ago in favor of a Slim-Clip.   That helps eliminate wallet clutter.

Here goes nothing:

  • $0.   I usually carry a $150 or so all the time.  I haven’t made it to the bank in a few days, and I spent my last $7 on parking.
  • USBank Flex Perks VISA check card.  0.5% back on all purchases and, theoretically, up to 25% back on some.
  • Penfed Platinum Cash Rewards VISA card. 1% on everything, 2% on groceries, 5% on gas.   We don’t use this much, since we are primarily a cash family.
  • Driver’s license.
  • My health insurance card.
  • Wells Fargo VISA debit card for my business account.
  • Expired health insurance card.
  • Car insurance cards.    Car, truck, and motorcycle.  1 expired and 1 valid for each.
  • AAA card.
  • Carry permit.
  • Business cards for 2 attorneys.
  • Dental insurance card.

If I go through the rest of my pockets, I have a pocket knife, 16 cents, a Gerber Artifact, and my library card.

Including my jacket pockets will add a Cold Steel Sharkie, business cards, a lighter, another pocket knife, a fingernail clipper, a small moleskin notebook, a ticket to Evil Dead: The Musical and matching brochure, a pad of checks, hand-sanitizing wipes, and a diaper to the list.

Now that I’ve gone through my stuff, I threw out the expired cards.   My jacket will certainly accumulate more stuff over the winter, but it’s spent the last 6 months in the closet.

What’s in your wallet?

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