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I’ve been walking though my analytics data.  That is the Big Brother software I use to know everything about each one of my dear readers.  It’s all part of my master plan to rule the world.  Muwahaha!

Some of the results are interesting.

The single most-used search term to find this site is “slow carb diet“, which is great, because I really enjoyed writing that post.   I’ve been slacking on the diet lately, but I’m still down more than 30 pounds.   I’m currently ranked #3 in Google for this term. If I move up 2 more spots, I’ll outrank Tim Ferriss for his own product.   If I aggregated all of the “slow carb” variations, this post probably accounts for more than half of my traffic from Google.

Many of you come here by searching for “how to have a perfect life“.   I’ll do everything I can to help you achieve that, but it’s going to take work on your part.  There are no shortcuts.

Beat the Check” is another popular search term, but a very bad game to play.  It’s almost impossible to win it, since the Check 21 Act of 2004.

It’s interesting that “trained husband” brings a few of you each month.  My question: are you shopping, or exploring a new fetish?  Don’t be shy.

I’m a bit amazed that “zombie wheels” is something people actually search for, but 140 people hit Google looking for that term every month, and a few of them make it over here.

How to stretch a meal“, “things you should buy online“, and “unsecured loan advice” are some of the top personal finance terms bringing you all in, though “how to make a bunker” and its variation are popular, too.

Hoe can you force your wife” is a bit disturbing.  Most of the results are naturally for sex.  I can’t help but hope that I’ve either really disappointed this visitor, or convinced him that force is a bad idea.

How much did a pound of gold weigh in 1854?” is a search that makes me giggle.  To the best of my knowledge, the troy scale has been used to weigh gold for a lot longer than that.

That was a fun little stroll through my statistics.   Hopefully the fact that I used “fetish” and “sex” in a post will draw more crazy search terms.

How did you find me?  Inquiring minds want to know, so please tell me in the comments.

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    1. SO you have a bunch of control freaks coming to your website? They’re trying to control their weight, their finances and their significant others all at once.

    2. I found you through the Yakezie network! Go Yakezie 🙂

    3. Interesting and good luck toppling Ferris! I found you through the Yakezie network page, too.

    4. Very clever article. I don’t look at my analytics info too often as I’m running around reading other blogs, writing articles and finishing a book.Plus, when I check, I get sucked into a time warp and have difficulty getting out 🙂

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