Saturday Roundup

I just noticed this didn’t post on time.

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Now, for the part you’ve all been waiting for…

This week’s roundup:Awesome Peel

It’s time to buy school supplies again.  Don’t let it break the bank.

Chewbacca on a squirrel, fighting Nazis.

A pizza peel with a conveyor belt.  The pinnacle of pizza-making awesomeness.

Have you ever looked into the psychology of a restaurant menu?

Carnivals I’ve participated in:

Carnival of Personal Finance #267 at Beating Broke posted A Budget Isn’t Enough.

Wealth Informatics hosted the Festival of Frugality and posted Payday Loans Suck.

Canajun Finances hosted the Best of Money Carnival and posted Life Altering Lessons I Learned From My Debt.

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