Saturday Roundup

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Day 18  of the 30 Day Compact.  We’re doing well, but not perfect.  My cousin is getting married next week, and I’m not going to buy used for that.  That makes it 1 purchase so far this month, not counting food or consumable hygiene items.   That’s not too bad!

The Best Posts of the Week:

Yahoo put 1000 computers to work for 23 days and found that the 2 quadrillionth digit of pi is 0.  Just for the geek of it.

If you are habitually late, you are rude and selfish.  Don’t leave other people waiting for you.

Just letting my inner survivalist out for a minute:  Always watch what’s going on around you and don’t put yourself in a situation that makes you an easy victim.   I strongly recommend a “Refuse to Be a Victim” class for everyone, especially–to let out my inner chauvanist–women.

For Halloween this year, I think I’m going to go as sexy Big Bird.

And finally, how much of your weekly 168 hours are you wasting?

Finally, a list of the carnivals I’ve participated in:

Nada.   I forgot to submit any posts to any carnivals last week.  I’m a sad clown.

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