Money Problems – Day 2: What’s Going Out?

Today, I continuing the  series, Money Problems: 30 Days to Perfect Finances.   The series will consist of 30 things you can do in one setting to perfect your finances.  It’s not a system to magically make your debt disappear.  Instead, it is a path to understanding where you are, where you want to be, and–most importantly–how to bridge the gap.

I’m not running the series in 30 consecutive days.  That’s not my schedule.  Also, I think that talking about the same thing for 30 days straight will bore both of us.   Instead, it will run roughly once a week.  To make sure you don’t miss a post, please take a moment to subscribe, either by email or rss.

On this, day 2 of the series, you need to gather all of your bills: your electric bill, your mortgage, the rent for your storage unit, everything.  Don’t miss any.

Go ahead, grab them now.  I’ll wait.

Did you remember that thing that comes in the plain brown wrapper every month?  You know, that thing you always hope your neighbors won’t notice?

Now, you’re going to sort all of the bills into 5 piles.

Pile #1: These are your monthly bills.  This will probably be your biggest pile, since most bills are organized to get paid monthly.  this will include your credit cards, mortgage(do you rent or buy?), most utilities and your cellphone.

Pile #2: Weekly expenses.  When I look at my actual weekly bills, it’s a small stack.  Just daycare.  However, there are a lot of other expenses to consider.  This stack should include your grocery bill, gas for your car, and anything else you spend money on each week.

Pile #3:  Quarterly and semiannual bills.  I’ve combined these because there generally aren’t enough bills to warrant two piles.  My only semi-annual bill is my property tax payment.  Quarterly bills could include water & sewer, maybe a life insurance policy and some memberships.

Pile #4:  Annual bills.  This probably won’t be a large pile.  It will usually include just some memberships and subscriptions.

Pile #5:  Irregular bills.   The are some things that just don’t come due regularly.  In our house, school lunches and car repairs fall into this category.   We don’t have car problems often, but we set money aside each month so our budget doesn’t get flushed down the drain if something does come up.

Now that you have all of your expenses together, you know what your are on the hook for.  Next time, we’ll address income.

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