Money Hacks Carnival #105: The All Government, All the Time Edition

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Carnival Time

Welcome to the 105th edition of the Money Hacks Carnival:  The All Government, All the Time Edition. Deep in the bowels of tax season, it’s not surprising that tax- and government-related articles are popular.

Editor’s Picks

LeanLifeCoach presents What Is Your Learning Style? This is an important lesson for anyone trying to teach.  My main side hustle involves teaching.  We try to address each learning style to engage all of our students.  I’m a visual learner.  In school, I always read ahead and I’ve never been able to focus while someone reads to me.

Consumer Boomer presents The Best IRA for You.  Holy Educational Post, Batman!  Be careful, you’ll learn something if you read this post.

PT presents How to Find Free Stuff Online Without Getting Spammed.  I like free things.   I hate spam.  I’m a part of the target audience of this post.  I use an active Gmail account for getting freebies.  The spam filter can’t be beat.

Fanny Seto presents 5 Tips on How to Get a Job in this Economy.  I’m glad I haven’t had to deal with this recently.   If you’re unemployed, take the opportunity to develop a hobby or explore other opportunities.  You may be out of work, but that means you have the one thing you can’t replace: time.  Use it wisely.

Taxes or Feeding the Monster

Jeff Rose presents How to File Taxes with Your 1099s.  All you’ve ever wanted to know (and more!) about the 1099.

Paul Williams presents Deduct Haiti Earthquake Relief Donations on Your 2009 Tax Return.  If you itemize, make sure you include any donations to Haiti relief.

freefrombroke presents TurboTax Online 2009 Overview.  I love TurboTax.  I use it every year and have done so since I discovered I wasn’t capable of figuring out the Earned Income Credit.

Four Pillars presents What Happens If You Lose Your W2 Form?.  Keeping track of your tax documents is always important, but what do you do if that doesn’t work?

Matthew Paulson presents Troublesome Tax Myths.   Taxes aren’t optional.  Ask Wesley Snipes.

Working for a Living or Earning the Monster’s Feed

Darwin presents 10 Highest Paying Degrees 2010 – Best Majors in Demand Now.  The part that doesn’t surprise me is that the hard sciences pay well.   Art-as-science comes with a smaller paycheck.   Hmm….

J. Money presents Life in Grad School Doesn’t Have to Suck…All Your Money.  I’ve didn’t make it to grad school, but I did work my way through college with a small baby.  It’s good to have a support network.

The Financial Blogger presents Getting Ready for Another Purchase!.  I’ve never given any thought to buying a blog.  It’s a fascinating read.  Make sure you read the related posts to get the full value.

Banking, Credit, and Investing or He Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune

GLBL presents What to Expect From Mortgage Rate Trends for 2010.  I learn something every day.  Define “intraday”.

pkamp3 presents Cutting Up the Card.  It may be caused by a down economy, but less consumer debt isn’t a bad thing.

D4L presents 20 Dividend Stocks Riding The Tsunami Of Dividend Increases.  My first dividend-paying stock paid me 16 cents once.  Stocks kind of scare me.  In my mind, they’re not much different than a slot machine, so I don’t buy much.  I think I had 20 shares of that first stock.

Personal Finance or The Government Doesn’t Have to Be Involved

Matt_SF presents Personal Finance Equations You Should Know: the Cash Flow Equation.  If equations make you smile, this is the post for you.

Craig Ford presents 101 Ways To Improve Your Marriage Money Relationship.  This goes beyond finance and dips firmly into happy relationship territory.

Hedy presents My Better Business Bureau experience.  I’ve found that the sincere threat of a Better Business Bureau complaint can be effective, too.

2 Cents presents Economics: Your Personal Finance Weather Forecast.  As a sci-fi junkie, I love the quote at the beginning of the article.

Dodging Taxes and Anarchism

Nope.  No submissions in this category.

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    1. Thanks for hosting!

    2. Thanks for including me, Jason. Nice work on the carnival.

    3. Thx for hosting my friend!

    4. How cool is that, and Editors pick too!!! I am honored, thank you.

      You have topped off my week. Eliminate the Muda had a link featured on WiseBread and was nominated for the Best Kept Secret Personal Finance Blog on the The Plutus Awards. And now I’ve been included with this pool of really talented writers too! Pinch me.

      Thank you for all the hard work, you did a great job.

    5. Jason, thank you for including me! This is an interesting edition of the carnival.

    6. Thanks for hosting! If I knew you’d have a section, I would have written an article for Dodging Taxes and Anarchism, haha.


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