Link Roundup

Doctor appointments, speeding tickets and too much work.  That’s what this week has been made of.

30 pieces of silver

30 pieces of silver

Finance links:

Why do the non-politician folks who want taxes raised think a fund for voluntarily paying extra is stupid?  If they were sincere, they’d be contributing to that from the start.  As it is, it’s just a demonstration of either hypocrisy or a looting spirit.

Paying off your Visa by charging it on…your other Visa doesn’t accomplish anything for you or for Visa.   Even if you are GM and Visa is the federal government.

My wife and I are thinking of starting a potluck/boardgame night.  Boardgames are a cheap way to spend a fun evening.

Misc links:

The iFixit Blog.  Dedicated to teaching you how to fix your own gadgets.

I am not only a geek, I am a Halloween geek.   The Stationery of Horror is full of want.

The Pareto Principle works.  Even at work.   I get 80% of my value from the time I spend writing blog posts.   Err.   Nevermind.

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