Investments are a Gamble

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Or a scam.

If you’ve been reading Live Real, Now for long, you’ll know I hate scammers.  I particularly loathe scammers who prey on the hopes of the naive.  There is a special corner of hell reserved for those who live to steal the futures of the innocent.

For many people, especially day-traders, it is absolutely true that stocks are the same as gambling.  For too many other people, investments are an opening for con-men to ply their trade.

People invest their money to secure their futures.  They put their life saving into some investment vehicle and, hopefully, it grows to bring financial security.  Properly done, it’s not a gamble.

In the worst case, you get investment advice from a slimy, scum-sucking 3-card-monte dealer.  These blood-suckers–at best–don’t care about your future.  They only care about their commissions.  Others will do anything possible to run away with your nest egg.

So how do you avoid the karmicly-destined-to-be-cockroach fraudsters?

First, never invest more then you can afford to lose. Gambling rules apply.   If you can’t afford to lose it, you need to keep your money someplace absolutely secure.  Your mattress, buried mayonnaise jars, or a simple savings account come to mind.

Do your research.  Is the person selling the investment licensed to do so?  What is the historic return?  Can you independently verify that?  If you run across anything that looks too good to be true, it probably is.  Run away.

Don’t fall for a time crunch.  If something is a good investment today, it will still be a good investment tomorrow.  Take you time, do the research, get the details in writing, and get a second opinion.   If you are supposed to keep the investment a secret, it’s either a scam or a crime. Always cover your own butt.

Be safe.  Keep your money.

For more information, see the SEC, the FTC, the CFTC and FINRA.

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    1. Good point. Many people approach investing in such an irresponsible way, that it turns into gambling. That’s one of the reasons why the stock market has become a giant ponzi scheme – people will drive up the price because they are confident that they will find a bigger sucker, not because of the fundamentals of the company!

      • That’s so true. When the market crashed, it was pretty easy to make a few bucks, if you did the research and invested in the companies who took an undeserved hit. If you followed the herd, you went broke with them.

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