On Tuesday, a potential customer took my business partner and I out for sushi.

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The sushi bar was fun.  There was a little canal going around the bar.  The canal had little boats.  The boats had little plates.  The plates had sushi.   Lots and lots of sushi.  When you wanted something, you just reached out and took it.


My only complaint with the place is the width of the chairs.  If you’re going to use narrow chairs, you really shouldn’t choose chairs with armrests.

Between the narrow chairs, the armrests, and my fat butt, my cell phone got knocked off of my belt.


I normally check my money clip, car keys, pocket knife, and cell phone every time I stand up, but didn’t this time.

I noticed it was missing 15 miles later.

Of course, when I called, no one answered my phone.

The restaurant hadn’t seen my phone.

When we went back to retrace our steps, my phone was nowhere to be found.   Some busboy got a nice tip that night.

Now, I don’t carry insurance on my cell phone.  I still have every cell phone I’ve ever owned, in working condition.  Well, minus one, now.  At $5/month, that has saved me more than $1000 over the years.

Of course, it’s a bit painful this week.

Thankfully, I sock a bit of money away every month to cover things that break.  It’s my warranty fund.   That, combined with a good(hopefully) find on eBay, means that losing my phone, while irritating, isn’t going to break my budget.   It won’t actually touch my budget in any way.

On a side note, a parking ramp with a flat, “all night” charge and a lost ticket fee makes me angry.

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    1. A lost cell phone can be a real problem these days. Contacts, apps, notes, calendars, reminders…. personally, a lot of my life is on my phone. Glad to hear that you have an emergency fund in place to cover the cost. Hopefully the “recovery” won’t take too long.

    2. oh man, there is nothing more annoying than losing your cell phone. There are all these little fees associated with getting a new phone; connection fee, service fee, tax (even if you have insurance). I do like your idea of pre-funding an account as your own, personal phone insurance plan. You earn the interest on your savings account instead of the insurance company. That’s a smart approach!

    3. I still don’t have cell phone insurance and I’ve lost two phones (one, like yours, was accidentally left at a restaurant, one fell out of my purse on the bus) and dropped one in a puddle. It’s still cheaper to just buy a used phone on eBay if you’re not at the right point in your cell phone contract. (Though my last time doing that did result in some drama.)

      I do, however, HATE paying for parking any time. It comes from living in Reno for 12 years. Technically the casinos charge, but it takes two seconds to validate.

    4. That was an expensive sushi night! That really is a bummer. Hope the sushi was amazing! I also hope you are able to replace that phone soon. I know, in this day and age, how awful it is without one.

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