Good Friday

We don’t have daycare on Good Friday.

We do, however, both have to work today.   Two rounds of little-girl tonsillitis have zapped our available vacation time.

On an entirely related note, we put our 12 year old son through Red Cross babysitter training a few weeks ago, just for something like this.

My wife gets nervous at the idea of leaving the girls with the boy for very long.  I think she thinks the world will explode if he takes care of them correctly.

Our solution for today is to have a slightly older friend come over and help.

She’s 13 and she brought her 10 year old brother with her.

That’s kids aged 3,5,10,12, and 13 in my house today.   Total Lord of the Flies.

Hold that thought.

My son, being 12, doesn’t feel it’s necessary to brush his hair for school, or change his clothes every day, and he needs to be reminded to brush his teeth.

This morning, he woke himself up and ran into the bathroom.  He emerged with clean teeth and combed hair.   I asked him if he was wearing the same shirt as yesterday, and he flew into his room to change.

Hmm.  Something is afoot.

While I was putting my shoes on, I reminded him to take care of the house and his sisters, and he made some smart-aleck joke in response.

She giggled.

Watson, I think I’ve found a clue.

Her father told me, just yesterday, the she thinks boys are gross.

The boy has never shown an interest in girls, until this morning.

Grr.   The next decade just got considerably more interesting.

Time to lock them both in their respective basements until college.

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    1. Hah.. love it! You are in so much trouble my friend. 😉

    2. I was very happy when my daughter (16 years old) got her first boyfriend this year. That happiness lasted about 4 minutes. Now that I know she’s capable of having a boyfriend, I’m ready for it to be over (though I smile and am warm to the boy whenever he’s over).

    3. Before I read your entire post, I figured it out that your son discovered girls or one particular girl. Wait until your girls discover boys! Instilling good values goes a long way to avoiding 99% of the problems.

    4. I just happen to be thinking to myself, “I’m tired of battling monsters under the bed at 2am.”

      Now, I’m strangly ok with it. Thanks for the outlook adjustment 😉

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    6. Haha, too funny. The good hygiene is a bit of a bonus though 😀

    7. My son is 8. I can’t wait for the teenage years! I better enjoy the time I have now before all hell breaks loose!

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