Effen Carpets, Effen Pets

We’ve got pets.  Lots of pets.

Chinese Food in Minutes

Chinese Food in Minutes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • 4 cats
  • 3 kids
  • 2 pythons
  • 1 dog
  • 1 hamster

And yours truly.

I count, I make a good mess.

Pets have hair.  Well, except for the python and the horrible abominations of mis-evolved Chinese food known as bald cats.

Pet hair gets every-damn-where.

A few weeks ago, we watched our friend’s dogs for a few days.

Those things pee.   Not in the backyard like good dogs, but on the girls’ bedroom carpet.

I hate pee.

Not my own, of course.

I really, really hate animal pee in my house.

So we got the carpets cleaned.   Linda told me it would be a bit more than normal, since we were going to get the air ducts cleaned at the same time.  I was fine with that.  Animal hair gets everywhere, and in the ducts, it makes the furnace and air conditioner work poorly.

Then, I got an email alert from Capital One.

Seven hundred freaking dollars!

That’s about $400 more than I was expecting.

Not flipping thrilled!  < —-Understatement.

Thankfully, we have money tucked aside for crap like this, but if stuff keeps coming up, we’re going to be hosed.

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    1. We are getting new carpet because ours looks like it’s been through war. We only have 2 cats but it doesn’t matter. For as much as we vacuum and clean, there is always cat hair on the carpet as well as the random stain from them throwing up.

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