$1,000,000 Business Idea

I’m sick of working my day job.

I’m sick of working my side hustles.

I’m sick of working.

To make up for all of that, I’m going to launch a new business.   My business model is guaranteed to generate $1,000,000 in revenue the first month.


It’s going to be a father/son enterprise, and to prove that the business model scales, I’m going to help him generate another $1,000,000 in revenue the first month.

This plan is infinitely replicable and infinitely scalable.  Steal my business plan and you can have a million dollar business, too.


First, my son is going to sell his XBox for $100.  Yes, he’s taking a loss, but that’s the cost of getting into the business.  Oh, and he’s selling it to me.

$100 for him.

Second, I’m going to sell it back to him for $100.

$100 for me.

He sells it to me for $100.

$200 for him.

I sell it to him for $100.

$200 for me.

If we do this just 9,998 more times, we’ll have generated $1,000,000 in revenue.   At 1 minute per transaction, I figure we can both be running million dollar business after just 2 weeks of full-time work.

That’s a two-week vacation every single month.

Phenomenal plan.

Some of the haters are going to explode with comments about “profit” and “expenses”, but I don’t care.  Cash flow is king.   They can sit at home and whine about their $50,000 jobs while I’m making millions.   Sure, my profit (the money leftover after expenses are taken from the revenue) is on the low side, but I can make that up in volume.


If I do this every month, I’ll be sitting on a $12,000,000 business.   I bet I can sell that for 5 times my annual profits.

Any buyers out there?

Any entrepreneurs ready to copy my business model?

Anybody have a better grasp of the difference between cash flow and profit than I do?

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    1. Ha ha, interesting way to make your point

    2. LOL! Well if this was 1999, you’d probably have a bidding war starting at $12 M. 🙂

    3. I think that the IRS term for this is “check kiting” (sorta) but funny way to make your point!

    4. Funny!

    5. Give it a funny name, claim it as a social network and the angel investors will be at your door in no time. Or keep the XBox and rent it to your son, lol.

    6. Hilarious – and I am also loving the comments 😀 One thing for sure, I won’t be buying!

    7. Haha awesome way to make the point. I like JP’s idea of converting it into a social network 🙂

    8. That’s how they measure GDP too…move it around and add it up.

    9. Love it! So funny 🙂 I’m gonna steal this idea and make my own millions.

    10. Write a book on it title, “How I created a million dollar cash flow stream and you can too” and you’ll be rich too!!!

    11. Hey, if it works for Groupon, it should work for anyone, right?


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