Best of Money Carnival #68

Today, it is my privilege to host the 68th Best of Money Carnival.  I’ve hosted a few carnivals over the last 10 months, but winnowing the choices from 60 to 10 is quite possibly the most difficult I’ve had to do.   There were lots of excellent posts this week.   Next time, I’ll have to make my job easier by soliciting bribes.   I am always on the lookout for a new income stream.

Without further ado, here is the best of the best:

10. Mike Piper presents Do You Have an Investment Backup Plan? posted at Oblivious Investor. What would you do if your investment portfolio suddenly tanks?

9. Tim Chen presents Calm Down, the Poor Are Not Paying for the Rewards of the Rich posted at NerdWallet Blog – Credit Card Watch. I always get a little bit irritated when people accuse the “rich” of only being rich at the expense of the poor. After all, the richest 20% of the U.S. includes household incomes of just $90,000. If you think that’s a lot, remember that $25,000 still puts you in the richest 10% wordwide.

8. FMF presents How to Pick a Great Mutual Fund posted at Free Money Finance. What’s more important, cost or performance?

7. Madison DuPaix presents Marriage Tax Penalty Returns in 2011 posted at My Dollar Plan. This is another example of the flaws in the “tax the rich” policies. When we lose the “tax cuts on the rich”, almost everyone will pay more taxes.

6. Silicon Valley Blogger presents How College Students Can Save Money posted at The Digerati Life. If I knew then what I know now….

5. Kristina presents A DINK Sandwich posted at DINKS Finance. Life gets easier when you can find a simple yet reliable set of rules to cover most situations.

4. freefrombroke presents It’s Still A Good Idea To Buy A House In This Economy posted at Free From Broke. I was lucky enough to buy my house shortly before the bubble grew. If we would have waited, I’d still be renting.

3. PT presents Credit Card Default: 7 Things You Should Know posted at PT Money. If you are working your way into debt, it’s good to know the what’s in store for you.

2. Joe Plemon presents Three New Car Purchases to Steer Away From posted at Personal Finance By The Book. I’m a few months away from my last car payment. Ever. These are more reasons to avoid a new car.

And finally, the best of the best of the best, sir:

1. Craig Ford presents Make Money Blogging | A Guide for Beginners on How to Make Money Online posted at Money Help For Christians. As I was compiling this list, I kept getting distracted here. I’d reread a section, follow the links, and find I had lost an hour. Read this post.

If you want to be included in the next Best of Money Carnival, don’t forget to submit your best post and follow the guidelines. Next week, it  will be hosted by Green Panda Treehouse.

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    1. An honor to be included! Thank you.

    2. Thanks for hosting and for choosing my article. 🙂

    3. Thanks for hosting this carnival. I am honored to be a part of it.

    4. Thanks so much for hosting and including my article as the #1 pick! Sorry I distracted you while you tried to put together this carnival.

    5. Thx so much!!!


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