1. I just think about all that I could be doing if I didn’t have debt to contend with and can’t help but agree with your post 100%. I am starting to focus on number 1 and number 5 in order to start making real progress.

    • I’m doing a pretty good job of living within my means, with the exception of my son’s vision therapy. I can’t wait until the debt is all paid off.

  2. Excellent tips! Becoming wealthy isn’t unattainable, it just means having some sort of plan and saving your money. Now, if only I knew this when I was in my 20’s. 😉

  3. Number 1 is so hard for people. It’t not that people intend to spend more than they earn, it is just that they get tempted in our consumerism society.

    I feel for people who are so badly in debt that they feel there is no hope because this is not true.

    • I’ve got a couple of close friends who feel absolutely hopeless. Unfortunately, they aren’t trying to change any habits.

  4. Great points. I personally am trying to get rid of every bit of debt we have, so the mortgage is next on my hit list…

    • I’m still chasing down my kid’s vision therapy bill. It’ll be gone this month, for sure. After that, I’ve got 1 more credit card, and my mortgage. By my math, I’ve got 2 years of debt left.

  5. I’m starting to hate my mortgage. It’s such an albatross. We are paying extra every month, but it’s not making much of a dent yet… 🙁

  6. This is a very interesting article. I think this one of the common questions people have in mind when it comes to their financial status. These reasons are very much effective in making me realize why wealth is not growing. Thank you very much for sharing this one!


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