30 Day Project Update – January

For those who don’t remember–or are just tuning in–I am doing a 30 Day Project every month this year, sometimes two.  For the month of January, I am doing two projects.  I am waking up at 5AM every day, and I had planned to read to my kids every night before bed.

Waking up hasn’t been that difficult. I’m tempted to snooze the alarm, but I haven’t done that yet.  My routine has been to wake up at 5, watch or read the news until I am fully awake, have breakfast, get ready for work, read all of the websites I follow in Google Reader, then get the kids ready.   Until this month, my routine was to get up at 6:30, rush to get ready, rush more to get the kids ready, head out the door.  This has been more relaxing and it let’s me start my workday fully awake, which wasn’t happening before.   I’m hoping to get some writing time in there and next month, exercise time.   The interesting thing is that I haven’t adjusted what time I go to bed by much, so this has actually added 90 minutes to my day.

It’s been interesting.   I’m dead tired at 9PM, but I’m surprisingly wide awake by 5:30.  It hasn’t been nearly as hard as I had feared.   I’m looking forward to spring, when I can greet the sunrise. 

Reading hasn’t gone as well.  At the beginning of the month, I told the girls I would read to them every night.   We started out wonderfully.   Then, the real world came in uninvited. I had a meeting at school that ran late.  My son’s wrestling season started.  Things just kept getting in the way of a bedtime story.  The solution?  We modified the deal.  It’s not a bedtime story any more.  I am reading to the girls whenever there is time.  I may not be home at bedtime every day, but I am certainly home at other times.  We’re making it happen, even if it’s not exactly as planned.

It’s just a demonstration of the old rule:  Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. A small amount of flexibility has turned a potentially failed goal into happy family time.  It’s still a win.
How are your resolutions progressing?

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    1. Wow to the 5:30am…I hope never to see that time on the clock, but congrats on sticking to your guns!

      Reading to your kids is fantastic! That’s something great to strive for…I see a lot of financial goals in the blogs I read, but not a lot of good personal ones. Hope it keeps going and you have a great time!

    2. I’ve never been a morning person, so this has been interesting. It’s nice having the extra time in my day, and I don’t think I’d have time for any of my projects if I wasn’t getting up early.

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