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Welcome to the Yakezie Carnival.  The Yakezie is a group of the best personal finance blogs on the internet.  In short, we rock.  Joining the Yakezie is a 6 month challenge involving Alexa ranking and cross-promotion.

These are posts submitted by Yakezie members.  Please note, this is the 93 Edition, not the 93rd Edition.

Today is April 3rd, the 93rd day of the year.

93 is a¬†Blum integer. ¬†For those of you who don’t know, a Blum integer is, to quote Wikipedia, a natural number¬†n if¬†n = p√óq is a¬†semiprime for which¬†p and¬†q are distinct¬†prime numbers congruent to 3¬†mod 4. ¬†Now you know as much as you did before. ¬† If you understand that definition, you probably already knew what a Blum integer was. ¬† To me, this means a Blum integer is a number that has a definition that I have to copy and paste to even repeat coherently. ¬†It exists solely to make math geeks feel smart. ¬†I am not a math geek.

On to the carnival!

KrantCents brings us Cash or Credit, a post about the choice between using cash or credit for purchases. ¬†We’ve wrestled with this one before. ¬†A few months ago, we basically abandoned the cash-only system as inconvenient and too easy to ignore. ¬†Right now, we are transitioning to a travel rewards card for all of our regular purchases. ¬† I’m going to see how much of my trip to the Financial Blogger Conference I can get for free.

Using thelemic¬†isopsephy, a form of numerology promoted by Aleister Crowley, Will + Love = 93. ¬† Crowley once said something to the effect of “Never lie. ¬†Just live the kind of life no one will believe.” ¬†I love that quote, but I can’t remember where I read it.

Dr. Dean presents¬†5 Tips Plus A Bonus On Saving Money: Today! and says “Dr Dean’s patients are telling him their costs are rising, despite the feds promise that inflation is under control.¬† 5 tips to save a little money, now (with a fun bonus!)” ¬†As a father of 3, the bonus tip needs to be rethought. ¬† Long-term costs….

On February 8th, 1993, GM sued NBC for faking crashes that show GM trucks catching fire in car accidents. ¬†First, if Hollywood has taught me anything, it’s that cars catch fire in every accident, no matter how minor. ¬†Second, where’s Toyota’s lawsuit, now?

Jacob at My Personal Finance Journey bring us¬†Are Extended Auto Warranties A Scam? and says “A look at the considerations that should go in to deciding whether or not extended warranties are worth their weight in gold.” ¬†I want to call extended auto warranties a scam, but I can’t. ¬†When I bought my car, I got the warranty and paid a couple of thousand dollars for it(I don’t remember exactly how much!). ¬†For years, it was worthless, but shortly before the warranty expired, I had a couple of problems that needed to be fixed, so I brought it in and asked for a complete inspection to go with the repair. ¬†All told, I got close to $5,000 in repairs for that $2,000 warranty and my car drives like new at 7 years old.

On May 10th, 1893, the United States Supreme Court officially declared the tomato to be a vegetable, proving once again that, not only will the government stick its nose into absolutely anything, but it doesn’t feel a need to base its decisions on facts or science. ¬† Remember that when you hear any government declaration regarding scientific facts or advances.

Money Reasons bring us¬†Are We All COGs in the Machine Of Life? and says “Break away from the¬†business machine that is using you as a COG spinning doing the owner’s bidding.¬† Why just spin in circles wasting life away?¬† Start your own business or develop some life fulfilling hobbies!” ¬†I love the idea of breaking out and doing what you love, whether or not it makes you any money. ¬†Life’s too short to hate everything about it.

In Q1, 1793, France declared war on Great Britain, Spain, and the Netherlands.   Now, they make whine, pastries, and self-righteous politicians.   The Earth is also 93 million miles from the sun.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Evan at My Journey to Millions offers up¬†Important Dates When Investing in Dividend Producing Stocks and says “When you are dealing with dividend paying stocks there are dates whose definitions can be considered a term of art and you should know about including declaration date, ex-dividend date, record date and payment date.” ¬†I get lost when dealing with most investments. ¬†That’s mostly because, at this point in my financial journey, I don’t care. ¬†I’m still working on paying my way out of debt. ¬†I’ll worry about the investments later.

93 is located at the 42nd digit of pi.  That is obviously significant.  I should team up with Thelema to invent some mystical reason to take a paid holiday tomorrow to celebrate the works of Douglas Adams.

Melissa at Mom’s Plan presents¬†How to Accomplish Your Goals Part Two:¬† Write Down a Step-by-Step Timeline and says “Writing down the goal is only one step of the process; directing yourself as to how you will complete the process is just as important.” ¬†Having goals turns life into a game. ¬†Games are fun, so goals are good.

By contentment, the acquisition of extreme happiness. – 93rd Aphroism Patanjali’s¬†Yoga Sutra

Darwin’s Money brings us¬†Life Settlement Investment ‚Äď Scam or Legit? and says “Life Settlement Investments – Profiting from Death? Scam? Or legitimate high yield alternative investment?¬† Find out for yourself with the facts here.” ¬†Life settlement funds appeal to me in a totally morbid, Running Man kind of way. ¬†It’s less disturbing that Treadmill to Bucks.

Finally, 93 is the number of the flight that successfully fought back on 9/11.  Never forget.

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    1. Thanks for hosting. I now know about Blum’s integer, cool! (I’ll forget it by bedtime…)

      And a friend told me once you get past three kids it doesn’t make much difference…:)

    2. Thanks for including my post Jason!

    3. Thanks for the inclusion. I am in good company.

    4. Thanks for including my post. Interesting insights about 93.

    5. I did the same as you with my Saturn with an extended warranty and also got thousands of $$ worth of repairs and upgrades done for the cost of the $50 deductible and an oil change. If you’re the type of person who buys a car and drives it into the ground, extended warranties are very worthwhile!

    6. Interesting math tidbit!

      Thanks for including my article!


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