Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-09

  • Up at 5 two days in a row. Sleepy. #
  • May your…year be filled w/ magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you…kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful. @neilhimself #
  • Woo! First all-cash grocery trip ever. Felt neat. #
  • I accidentally took a 3 hour nap yesterday, so I had a hard time sleeping. 5am is difficult. #
  • Wee! Got included in the Carnival of Personal Finance, again. #
  • Son’s wrestling season starts in two days. My next 3 months just got hectic. #
  • RT @Moneymonk: A real emergency is something that threatens your survival, not just your desire to be comfortable -David Bach #
  • Actually having breakfast…before work. Unfortunately, I didn’t read to the kids last night. Too much chasing around, then a sudden crash. #
  • RT @FrugalBonVivant: 33% off 1 item online & in-store @ Borders #
  • RT @BSimple: The important thing is to learn a lesson every time you lose. John McEnroe #
  • Dangit. Went to a school meeting. Got home and the girls were sleeping. Another night with no reading. #
  • RT @kevinduffey Money Hacks Carnival #99 – Farewell Tim Tebow Edition #
  • Today, it may get warm enough to activate the salt on the roads. #
  • I Just entered to win the book “Your Money Ratios” via @suburbandollar #sdymrbk #
  • The Joy-Bacon equation. #
  • RT @moolanomy: Understanding Beneficiary Options – What’s Your Legacy Plan? (via @InvestorGuide) #
  • My son is getting a DSI delivered today. Got grounded off of it for two weeks…yesterday. #meanestdadintheworldaward #
  • RT: @Jason: To win next Nexus One please tweet: Follow @jason & @contests to win one of nine Nexus One unlocked phones! #freenexusone #
  • @punchdebt I’ve got 4 blogs. 1 political, 1 for a non-profit, 1 crime and 1 PF. Only two run under the same name. in reply to punchdebt #
  • Looking for some fun,nice, or romantic things to do with my wife. Has to be cheap, things to do w/ kids around are a plus. Any ideas? #
  • This is full of want. #
  • Sweet inflation rate calculator. #
  • 100 best wordpress themes. #
  • Running shoes are bad for you. #
  • Win $6,100+ in cash & prizes from personal finance blog @MoneyCrashers in the 2010 New Year Giveaway! #moneycrashers #
  • Yay, Boxee! #
  • RT @zen_habits: ‘If you aren’t content with what you have, you wouldn’t be satisfied if it were doubled.’ /via #
  • @antonio: @ScottATaylor. I own a DIY dentist kit. No on the tattoo kit. If you want DIY, buy a real tat gun. #
  • RT @wisebread: Sex Up Your Sandwich: Ideas for Budget Conscious Brown Baggers #
  • Getting up at 5 would work better if I went to bed at a reasonable time. #
  • @MoneySmart makes new glasses cheap. in reply to MoneySmart #
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