Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-02

  • RT @kristinbrianne: You won't believe it… I just entered to win the #KodakSweeps on Pls RT #
  • RT @wilw The single most insulting thing you can tell a creative person is, upon viewing their creation, "you have too much free time." #
  • Hmm. I share a birthday with Linus Torvalds. #
  • @freefrombroke I'm following you and would love to be followed back. in reply to freefrombroke #
  • RT: @SuburbanDollar: New Post: : The Art of Delayed Gratification #
  • RT @FrugalYankee: #NEWYear's #QUOTE: All the things I really like to do are either immoral, illegal or fattening. ~ Alexander Woollcott #
  • Crackberry is certainly accurate. I may be too connected. #
  • MIL thinks a Kitchenaid stand mixer will make it easier to remove the snow in the driveway. Bad logic, but she's buying one for us, anyway. #
  • What magic is in a saw-palmetto capsule and why does my prostate need the power of 1000 of them? #
  • RT: @SuburbanDollar: Sounds like he's asking you to rent him a date. #
  • RT @hughdeburgh: "I'd rather die fighting for freedom than live as a slave." ~ Judge Andrew Napolitano #Iran #in2010 #USA #
  • Happy New Year, 3 minutes early. #
  • Billy Jack vs Chuck Norris. Winner? #
  • Getting my hair brushed by an 18 month old while watching Married With Children. It's a good evening. #
  • RT @FrugalYankee: #NEWYEARS #QUOTE: The most important political office is that of private citizen. ~ Louis Brandeis #
  • RT @ScottATaylor: 40,697 Laws Take Effect Today #
  • 5AM. It'd be so easy to go right back to sleep. #
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