What is the financial prize for winning the Super Bowl?

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When you win the Super Bowl, you get a big ring and your team takes home a giant trophy. But for most guys out on the field, there’s a bigger prize waiting elsewhere. There are financial incentives associated with winning the big game. Some of them are direct, while others come later, in ways that most people will never see. The financial incentives are even different for coaches, players, and the owners who already have billions of dollars anyway. So how do the finances of the Super Bowl shake out?

A Direct Bonus

When Seahawks coach Pete Carroll threw away the Super Bowl, he cost his players and coaches a significant amount of money. Each player from the winning team receives $97,000 as a bonus. The losers are not left empty-handed, of course. They make off with a cool $49,000 each. Still Carroll’s mistake cost his players $48,000, as they had to settle for the consolation prize.

Endorsements Galore

Where things really get interesting is when one considers the marketing gains that players make when they become Super Bowl champions. The calculations are necessarily very indirect when talking about things like sponsorship value, but there is definitely some benefit to winning the big game. In the wake of winning the Super Bowl in 2014, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman signed endorsement deals with Campbell’s, Nike, and Microsoft. Running back Marshawn Lynch used his Super Bowl win to propel him to a deal with Skittles.

It’s difficult to know just how value the Super Bowl win was to these players and their financial futures, but it’s clear that winning the big game elevates players in the marketing sense.

Ownership Rewards

Super Bowl wins work out well for owners, too. The New England Patriots have won four big games over the last 15 years. In doing so, Tom Brady and company have turned the franchise into one worth over $2 billion. In addition, the Patriots “brand value” alone is worth $350 million. Some of these gains would have happened without wins in the big game, but it’s clear that taking home trophies helped the franchise grow in value.
What’s in it for coaches?

Winning a Super Bowl is the brass ring for coaches, and they are often defined by their ability or inability to take home a ring. When Pete Carroll led the Seahawks to last year’s Super Bowl victory, he was signed to a five-year extension that made him the NFL’s highest paid head coach at around seven million bucks per year. While he might be the goat in this year’s Super Bowl for his horrific goal line call, he’s living proof that if you can win the Super Bowl at least once, you can cash in on financial rewards in a big way.

There’s something to be had for nearly everyone when a Super Bowl win is in the offing. This year, the Patriots will get to enjoy those rewards. Next year, it’s bound to be some other team, some other coach, and some other owner.

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Carnival Roundups: The Weaponized Syphilis Edition

Last weekend, I was in Denver for the Financial Blogger Conference.  Last week, I had a sore throat that got worse each day until my tonsils started touching on Friday.  I could barely talk, so I went to the doctor, then to bed.

It apparently wasn’t strep throat, but beyond that, it could be anything from motaba to weaponized syphilis*.

This is one of those occasions when I’m happy to be living in the future, where a quick trip to the clinic can knock out what would have been hopeless and fatal and few hundred years ago.  Antibiotics and a day spent in bed watching super hero movies made me better.  That beats bloodletting any day.

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* Weaponized Syphilis

This involves giving each of the syphilis spirochetes an M16 and a Manifest Destiny indoctrination before releasing them into the wild.  The transport mechanism (the “insertion method”) remains as fun as ever.

Have a great weekend!

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20 Happy Thoughts

Since I’ve been on a bit of a death theme lately, I thought I post something purely happy.

Here it is.  In no particular order, twenty unequivocated things that make me happy.

  1. My three year old has the most beautiful blue/silver/gray eyes I have ever seen.
  2. In the past 32 months, I’ve reduced my total debt load by $42,859.70.  That’s an average reduction of $1,339.37 per month.
  3. My insane work schedule is paying off.  I’m more than halfway to making my day job’s income redundant.
  4. My preteen son is currently showing none of the signs of the horrible rebellion that I put my parents through.
  5. The world hasn’t imploded, exploded, or tilted its axis recently.
  6. My parents did a good job of raising me.
  7. I haven’t touched my overdraft line of credit in more than 2 years.
  8. My wife loves me.
  9. I love her.
  10. Wrestling season starts tomorrow, and Punk ended last season with real promise.
  11. I’ve dropped 12 pounds in the last 16 days.
  12. Bacon is good.
  13. Daughter #1 is starting kindergarten in September and excited about it.
  14. Our cars are paid off.
  15. This site helps me stay motivated to eliminate my debt.
  16. You rock.
  17. I may get out of debt just before the world ends.
  18. The Yakezie Network has helped get this blog to where it is.  If you’ve got a finance blog, join today.  You won’t regret it.
  19. FINCON 2012 is is Denver and I won’t be napping on my motorcycle on the way there, like I did the last time I went to Denver.  It’s not something I recommend, but it makes a neat story.
  20. I have 20 things to be happy about.   That’s a recursive happy-maker right there.

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