Sunday Roundup: U2 Edition

Friday night, a friend came to pick me up so I could help him move heavy stuff.

U2 Stage
U2 Stage

He lied.

As soon as we pulled away from my house, he told me we were going to check out the stage they were building for Saturday’s U2 concert.  Now, I’ve never been a fan, but he is, so what the heck, right?

We got to TCF Stadium and geez, that stage is big.  It looks like an invading alien in the middle of the field.   As we were walking up to the gate, we saw two security guards catching a smoke by a rear entrance.    The next thing I know, my buddy’s slipping them some cash and we’re sneaking in the side door to get a closer look.

Our illicit visit lasted about 5 minutes.   The second we made it the the stands, the cleaning crew called security.  Thankfully, we got kicked out by the guys who let us in to start with.

It made a memorable evening.

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    1. I am going on Tuesday!

      So much excitement going through me right now!

      I have always loved U2, it would have been great to see them in their heyday, but I was too young.

    2. oh its nice to get a sneak peek this way. I watched a Fed Rafa match in Miami open a couple of years back for few mins without a ticket 🙂

    3. What a great experience. Usually if your friends lie about moving, it’s the opposite way.

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