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Car insurance is one thing in the family budget that the customers do have some control over. We don’t have much control over taxes, or public utility rates, but we can play a factor in how much we spend on car insurance. There are certain factors that determine how much we pay for auto insurance, and if we know how to work them to our advantage we could pay less insurance premiums.

The first thing that controls the cost of auto insurance is the age of the primary driver, not the owner solely. The next factor that plays into the cost of auto insurance premiums is the type and age of the vehicle. The next factor that affects the cost of auto insurance premiums is the use of the vehicle, whether it is being used strictly for pleasure or personal use, or used in the line of work, and the average number of miles driven per year.

To use age as a way of controlling auto insurance premiums one can make the oldest driver or drivers the primary driver for the newest or most expensive vehicle. Putting a teenage driver on an expense car is an expensive practice in the auto insurance business. If teenagers must be made the primary driver on an expensive vehicle it helps reduce the premiums if they have good grades in school,and have taken and passed drivers training.

It is wise to check with the auto insurance agent to get an estimate prior to purchasing a vehicle, since insurance premiums are a part of the overall price of the vehicle, which many do not consider when buying a vehicle. Or you can just go shopping for cheap auto insurance quotes online to get some quick comparisons. Luxury cars, sport cars, and sport utility vehicles with eight cylinder engines are the most expensive vehicles to insure. So consider the less expensive the vehicle the less the cost to insure the vehicle.

If a vehicle is used in the line of work it is more economical to use an older or less expensive vehicle for insurance rates. The lesser the miles put on a vehicle, the more economical are the auto insurance rates. I am aware that more miles may give a greater tax dedication if one itemize on their taxes, but that should be weighed against your auto insurance premiums for that vehicle.

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