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We’re busy cleaning for our party next weekend, followed by spending an evening lying in a coffin in my yard, scaring the crap out of kids and giving them candy.

The best posts of the week:

Right now, I am actively pursuing 4 separate side hustles, 3 of which are generating actual cash.  It’s about $500 a month at the moment, but each of them are growing.  My goal is to hit $1500 a month by spring and have full replacement income within 2 years.  Everybody should have some kind of side income, just as a safety net.

One of my side hustles involves training in a niche with 200 companies competing for about 10,000 one-day students each year.    I could try to compete on price, but that’s an arms race to bargain-basement pricing.  Instead, we compete on value, and as such, we’re on track to bring in several multiples of our share of students this year, with growth projected to go well beyond that next year.

Knowing how much more I enjoy my side projects over my straight job, I want to encourage my kids to develop their own lines of income that will allow them to live the lives they want to live, without being a leech on society.

If they can start to get some of their own income, they can learn the value of the things they own, instead of assuming that everything is free.  I will not spoil my kids.

Finally, a list of the carnivals I’ve participated in:

Actions Have Consequences has been included in the Festival of Frugality.

If I missed anyone, please let me know.   Thanks for including me!

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    1. I am all about the side hustles – what are your other 2?

    2. This is one of my side hustles. The other is some purely commercial affiliate marketing that I keep completely separate from here.

      My last hustle is a more traditional business venture that is in the VERY early stages. I’ll announce more when it’s closer to being real.

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