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I’ve decided to do away with the Twitter posts on Saturdays.   If you want to see the glorious wisdom that is my Twitter feed, follow me on Twitter. I’m @LiveRealNow.

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Now, for the part you’ve all been waiting for…

The Best Posts of the Week!

Tim Ferris is giving away a trip to anywhere in the world.  All you have to do is donate to his preferred charity for his birthday!

A Mirrored Memory reminds us that nobody feels old in their heart.

A law for everything and everything is a law?  Why can’t people just accept occasional discomfort or unpleasantness in exchange for freedom?

My wife hates sweet potatoes.  Well, she did until I introduced her to sweet-potato fries.   I wonder if I can get her to try this recipe?  It’s missing marshmallows, though.  That’s a definite culinary failure when it comes to sweet-potatoes.

The University of Georgia is offering a free home-study food-preservation course.

Carnivals I’ve particpated in:

The Carnival of Personal Finance at NerdWallet has included Beat the Check.

The Festival of Frugality at Modern Tightwad has included The 10-Step Saving Action Plan.

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    1. Thanks for the link love, but I will have to disagree with you on marshmallows…they’re gross and defile otherwise-delicious sweet potatoes. 😉

    2. Try marshmallow creme for dip?

    3. SEW, I’d be okay to use marshmallow creme for dip for cookies or cake, but that’s about it…did you mean to use it with chips or veggies or something?

    4. I’m guessing she means as dip for sweet-potato fries.

      -Jason(who shares a last initial with SEW entirely NOT by coincidence)

    5. Ohhhh…marshmallow creme for sweet potato fries would be right up your alley Jason. I’ll stick with ketchup. 🙂

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