Saturday Roundup

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Last weekend, we had 2 birthday parties.  In two weeks we are having our biggest party of the year.   I’m going to try to get our yard done this weekend, while my wife and a couple of her friends decorate inside the house.  October is still nuts at Casa del Myhouse.

Today, I found out that I accidentally made a huge extra payment to my car.   $650 too much.   I thought I had deleted the auto-payment series from the bank’s site, but I only deleted September’s payment.   Hopefully, I can find enough slack in the bills to make up the difference, instead of hitting the emergency fund.

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The best posts of the week:

J. Money’s doing a series on side hustles.  The latest one is about chicken farming.  If I lived in a more reasonable city, I’d have some chickens of my own.

Self-improvement is always good for you, kind of by definition.  Here are a few ways to pick up some interesting certifications.

Lifehacker posted on Squaretrade.  I can tell you that, without a doubt, I’ll never again get an extended warranty in-store.

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