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Holiday weeks are supposed to be short, aren’t they?

I’m 11 days into my 30 Day “Compact”.  So far, it has gone well.  Unfortunately, there have been a couple of books launched that I’d love to own, and a friend keeps showing me new gadgets that I’d love to get.   Not shopping at all is harder than it sounds.

The Best Posts of the Week:

Brian Wood, without a doubt, understood the responsibility he took on as a father.    The story makes me get all misty.

On Wise Bread, they asked if you are saving too much.   Don’t save as an excuse to stop living your life.

Free Money Finance will help you save money on travel.

Parent Hacks has a great use for a Google Voice number.  I have a spare, so I think I’ll start using it.

I’m a big fan of selling on Craigslist.  I’ve never sold a car there, so this was informative.

Finally, a list of the carnivals I’ve participated in:

5 Reasons to Quit Saving and Start Living was included in the Carnival of Personal Finance.

Bonding Relationships was in the Carnival of Wealth.

Hippy Month was the Editor’s Pick in the Festival of Frugality!

If I missed a carnival, please let me know. Thanks to those who have included me!

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    1. Thanks for the mention! Not shopping would be hard for me too, good luck!

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