Saturday Roundup

First, the shameless self-promotion:

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The Best Posts of the Week:

Give the gift of kidneys so that Larry Correia can murder you for charity.  Larry is the author of Monster Hunter International and Monster Hunter: Vendetta.   Both books are excellent mind-candy, if you like explosions and monsters that, well, explode.  Save a life and get murdered at the same time.  Who could ask for more?

A V-8 only insinuates virility; multiple child seats prove it. With a title like this, and multiple car seats in my car, I have to include the post.

And finally, here are some tips to save time with email: Email Sucks.

Finally, a list of the carnivals and blogs I’ve participated in:

Dustin at Engaged Marriage was kind enough to run my guest post: Arguing Fairly with your Spouse.

I was included in the Carnival of Personal Finance with Check Your Bills.

Repair Plans, Appliances, and Rancid Meat…Oh, My! was included in the Carnival of Money Stories.

Selling Your Home: The Real Estate Agent was included in the Festival of Frugality.

If I missed a carnival, please let me know.  Thanks to those who have included me!

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