Saturday Roundup

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Next, for the part you’re here for…

The Cute War.

Budgeting In the Fun Stuff guest-posted here a few days ago.  The post was about her dog.  Nicole asserted that her kittens were cuter than BFS’s pug.    There is some personal risk involved for me, but my pets are cuter.  The proof:

Revoked Man Card

Revoked Man Card

The Best Posts of the Week:

Frugal Dad discusses What to Do When Your Beneficiaries are Minors.  We settled this by not making our minor children the beneficiaries.   If we both leap off the mortal coil at once, my Dad gets the money.   I trust him to take care of my kids with it.   No, Dad, you can not work on my brakes.

Marko found a fascinating photo series of WWII war photos overlaying modern pictures of the same location. It’s kind of creepy in places.

My favorite dinosaur has a child has been reclassified as a child itself, not an actual dinosaur.  That makes youthful me very sad.

Finally, a list of the carnivals I’ve participated in:

Both the Carnival of Personal Finance and the Yakezie Carnival included Selling Your Home: For Sale by Owner.

The Festival of Frugality has It’s Better to Buy a House than Rent.

If I missed a carnival, please let me know.

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    1. I think you win. At least until I can dig up some ultra-cute pics of little kitty. That may take a while though since our internets are out.

      Man, my kid has a book on triceratops. I like the comment that says that triceratops did exist, it’s the toesauraus or whatever that is just an adult version of it.

    2. Hahahahaha!!! Your manhood has been revoked, but those are some super cute pictures!!! Hehehe…you even make not-real blog wars funnier…

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