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Life cover insurance acts as a safety net to pay for a family’s expenses should a wage earner become critically ill or die prematurely. Life cover includes life insurance as well as disability, critical illness, mortgage and income protection insurance policies.

Importance of life cover insurance

In most families, at least one adult is a wage earner and uses their income to pay for necessities such as food, clothing and rent or mortgage. If the wage earner becomes disabled, too ill to work, or dies, life cover insurance can pay for these expenses.

Stay-at-home parents provide valuable, though unpaid, services to the family. Without that person, the family would have to pay for childcare, household upkeep, errand running, and every other chore the stay-at-home parent did. If the stay-at-home parent has life insurance, these expenses can be covered.

Life cover insurance can pay off mortgages and education loans.

Live cover insurance policies will pay funeral costs, which can be substantial.

Family owned businesses can be insured and protected if the owner dies.


Life cover insurance is too expensive.

Insurance companies have plans to suit every budget and life circumstance. While young and healthy adults will generally receive the most affordable policies, older adults have plenty of reasonably priced options as well.

Disability or severe illness is unlikely.

Actually, 32% of men and 25% of women, ages 40 to 70, will experience a critical illness or disability.

Discussing disability or death is awkward and uncomfortable.

Agreed, but avoiding the topic puts loved ones into economic jeopardy. Without the wage earner’s life cover, a family could lose their home and have to lower their standard of living.

Variety of life cover insurances

Life Insurance

Term insurance is a protection policy, paid for during a specific time period (term), and is active during that time only. Permanent, whole, variable, universal and universal variable life insurance policies all are investment policies. They combine a death benefit (the amount paid out when the insured person dies) with an investment account. Licensed and experienced life insurance agents can help individuals make the best choice for their life situation.

Critical Illness/Disability Insurance

This type of insurance pays for living expenses if a person is diagnosed with a serious illness or disabled and can no longer work.

Mortgage Insurance

This is paid when the mortgage owner dies. This could help prevent the surviving family from having to sell the home.

The time to buy life cover insurance is now!

A 2010 survey ( stated that individual life insurance ownership was at a 50 year low in the United States. An estimated 35 million (30% of households) Americans do not have life insurance, and 11 million of these households have children under 18. Already living paycheck to paycheck, any debilitating injury or death of a wage earning adult could spell financial disaster to the family. Buying life cover insurance is a vital part of caring for loved ones. Just as a wage earner provides a home, food and daily necessities for their family, life cover insurance can take over and provide for the family if the wage earner unable to do so.

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