Side Hustle: Garage Sale Management

Pre-sale preparation and marketing are important, but ultimately, the money comes from how you manage the sale. How many people will you have staffing the sale?  There are a few considerations here.   How many people are involved in the sale?  How … [Continue reading]


Side Hustle: The Garage Sale Marketing

By popular demand, here is our garage sale marketing copy. First, the newspaper ad, which ran in the Sunday edition through Tuesday before the sale: MOTHER OF ALL GARAGE SALES! 5/13 to 5/15, 8-5! 1000s of items! Furn, crib, electronics, … [Continue reading]


Side Hustle: The Garage Sale Preparation

We had a garage sale last week, as a wrap-up to the April 30 Day Project.  We got rained out halfway through the first day of our 3-day sale, but we still managed to clear $1500.  We held the sale in our neighbor's garage because it had more space … [Continue reading]


The Virtues of Blow Money

When we initially developed our budget, we built it tight.  Every penny was accounted for and had a place to go.  I was so proud. Unfortunately, there were some problems with habitual--even compulsive--shopping in our house.   The change from … [Continue reading]

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