Selling on Craigslist

The vast majority of personal finance websites(including this one) focus on reducing your bottom line--cutting costs.   The other end of the budget is at least as important. Have you tried raising your top line lately?   Have you picked up a side … [Continue reading]

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The Friday Tax

I've been at the doctor's office every time my kids have been scheduled to get shots.   I let them know what to expect before the shot, hold their legs still during,  and comfort them after.   It's not pleasant, but it is a bonding experience.  It … [Continue reading]


Decluttering the House – April 30 Day Project Update

My 30 Day Project for April is to declutter my entire house.   That's every room, every dresser, every drawer. We've got 12 years of jointly accumulated clutter. Our progress so far has been wonderful.   The main level of our house is almost … [Continue reading]


Save Your Family

I don't attach much importance to dreams.  They are just there to make sleepy-time less boring. Last night, I had a dream where I spent most of my time trying to prepare my wife to run our finances before telling my son that I wouldn't be around to … [Continue reading]

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