Failure! 30 Day Project Summary – March

My 30 Day Project for the month of March has been to do 100 sit-ups in a single set.   Based on February's results, I had a plan. I will be doing 5 sets, morning and night, as follows: Set 1:  Half of my maximum amount. Sets 2-4: 3/4 of my … [Continue reading]


5 Ways to Force Your Spouse to Get Frugal*

Communication is important in a marriage.  If you can't communicate, how are you going to get your way?**  I've helpfully compiled the best possible ways to get your spouse on board with your budget plans. Don't include her. When I absolutely, … [Continue reading]


Fall From Grace

When you accumulate a certain level of debt, it feels like you're wading through an eyeball-deep pool of poo, dancing on your tiptoes just to keep breathing.   Ask me how I really feel. It shouldn't be a surprise that I'm in debt.  We have gone … [Continue reading]


Investing Basics

If you've got your debt paid off, or at least paid down enough to start thinking about using your money for the future instead of the past, it's time to consider investing your money.  If you invest your money, it can grow and start building wealth … [Continue reading]

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