3 Habits Every Soon-to-be-Successful Debtor Needs to Cultivate

Getting out of debt is primarily a matter of changing your habits.   We've all heard people swear by skipping your morning cup of coffee to get rich, but that's just a small habit.   Much more important are the big habits, the lifestyle habits.  Here … [Continue reading]


Keep Your Friends Out of Debt

Image via Wikipedia If you're like me, you get a bit evangelical about getting out of debt.  I try to convert spendthrifts and irritate my fellow debtors.   I'm probably pretty annoying at times.   What I've learned--or at least pretend to have … [Continue reading]


Party Planning on a Super Tight Budget

Image by Another Pint Please... via Flickr I like to party. Actually, that's a lie.  I'm too introverted to be a partier.   More accurately, I like to throw two parties per year.  I am also cheap frugal, so I try not to break the bank … [Continue reading]


Book Review: Delivering Happiness

In April, I was given an advanced reader copy of Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh on the condition that I give it an honest review.   Delivering Happiness is being released today and here is my review. Tony Hsieh was one of the founders of … [Continue reading]

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