30 Day Project – February

My 30 Day Project for February is to be able to do 100 push-ups in a single set.   The most common reaction when I talk about it?  "You're nuts!" Is it ambitious to the point of being aggressive?  You bet.   30 Day Projects aren't supposed to be … [Continue reading]


6 Questions to Financially Get to Know Each Other

This topic has been blatantly stolen from Budgets are Sexy. 1) How do you spend: cash, debit or credit? I use cash almost exclusively.  I live in Minnesota and have two small children, so bundling the brats up to go inside the gas station to pay … [Continue reading]


Budget Lesson, Part 5

I've explained my budget in some detail already.  See these posts for the history of this series. Now, I'm going to go through each section, reviewing ways that I can reduce, or have reduced, my spending.  I'll be starting with my monthly … [Continue reading]


Merry Christmas

Happy Hanuchristmakwanzivus. Family and travel. No posts today. Make the most of the holiday. … [Continue reading]

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