Delayed Gratification

I work daily to raise my kids to be more financially responsible than I have been.  One of the most difficult pieces has been to explain the benefits of delayed gratification to my children. It's hard enough, as an adult, to take delayed … [Continue reading]


5 Ways to Reduce Temptation and Have a Peaceful dinner

It never fails: you send the kids off to the salt mine babysitter for the evening, cook a nice dinner and light some candles. Then, just as you sit down, the phone rings. Now you have 2 choices, you can do like me and ignore the phone if it's … [Continue reading]


Is Your Budget Doing More Harm Than Good?

Do you stress over your money? Is your spouse under the impression that you are constantly fighting over money? Are you constantly fighting over money? Have you completely eliminated your quality of life? Do you spend hours each week … [Continue reading]


Budget Lesson, Part 6

It's been a month since I've written a post for the budget series, so I'll be continuing that today.  See these posts for the history of this series. This time, I'll be reviewing my non-monthly bills.  These are the bills that have to be paid, … [Continue reading]