Save Your Family

I don't attach much importance to dreams.  They are just there to make sleepy-time less boring. Last night, I had a dream where I spent most of my time trying to prepare my wife to run our finances before telling my son that I wouldn't be around to … [Continue reading]

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Personal Finance, Canine-Style

No matter how many excellent books you read, or how many experts you consult, sometimes the best advice comes from beast out fertilizing my yard.  My dog is pretty smart.  At middle-age, she's got no debt, no stress, and no possibility of being … [Continue reading]


It’s My Fault So Stop Me Now

One of my biggest problems with maintaining a goal is follow-through.    Three weeks or six months into pursuing a goal, it becomes incredibly easy to rationalize setbacks.    If my back hurts, it's easy to skip some sit-ups.  If a custom knife maker … [Continue reading]


Budget Lesson, Part 7

It’s been a month(again!) since I’ve written a post for the budget series, so I’ll be continuing that today.  See these posts for the history of this series. This time, I'm looking at how to reduce my "set aside" funds.  These are the categories … [Continue reading]