The Virtues of Blow Money

When we initially developed our budget, we built it tight.  Every penny was accounted for and had a place to go.  I was so proud. Unfortunately, there were some problems with habitual--even compulsive--shopping in our house.   The change from … [Continue reading]

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May 30 Day Project

Before I discuss May's 30 day project, I'm going to talk about April's. Last month, my goal was to declutter my entire house.  Every room, every closet, every drawer. I missed the goal. My wife has gotten behind this project … [Continue reading]

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Budget Lesson, Part 8

This is a continuation of the budget series. See these posts for the history of this series. This time, I'm looking at our discretionary budget. These are the things that don't have a fixed cost. Any individual item is largely optional, and, … [Continue reading]

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Chains of Servitude Update

It's been almost exactly one year since I told my wife that we were either going to take control of our finances or file bankruptcy. At that time, we were spending at least $500 more each month than we made, and often, it was $1000 more.   We had … [Continue reading]

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