1. We are the same as you. We use ING and have a ton of accounts named for different savings goals. I find it a great way to stay organized. Plus the accounts are free so who cares.

  2. While I haven’t broken down our savings nearly as much, I use ING for a lot of my business accounts. Just makes it convenient to split everything out.

  3. awesome .. i do something similar..

    my kids also have savings accounts on ing. when i pay them an allowance, or for accomplishing something big (a great report card, or achieving a goal in swimming).. i just transfer money from my savings account instead of theirs. this allows for them get paid, but eliminates a big part of their desire to spend it right away. one of my kids has almost $250 bucks already.

    did they give you a bonus for opening each of those savings accounts? i love ing for their “new account bonuses”..

    • I have accounts for each of my kids there, too, but didn’t list them because it isn’t my money. When my youngest(3 & 5) get gift cards or checks for presents, that money goes straight into a bank account. They never even notice.

      My oldest(12) is required to put 25% of his money into his savings account.

  4. Too many bank accounts for me. I thought we had a lot, but one for every goal sure adds up. I wonder how ING uses the information about our goals. I prefer to keep mine absolutely private. I do track mine on a spreadsheet.


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