New Year Goals

I’m not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions.  They are generally drunken promises made  on December 31st that are broken by the middle of January, if they are remembered at all.  I don’t make resolutions.

My goal for 2010 is to complete one major self-improvement project each month.  That’s an entire year of 30-day projects.   As each month goes on, I will be updating this blog with the status of each project.  Some of the projects will be physical, some will be mental, some will be improvements on my relationships.  My goal is to do something meaningful, useful and challenging each month.

Here’s my list:

  • January:   Wake up at 5am AND read to my kids every night before bed.
  • February:  Do 100 push-ups at one time by the end of the month.  There is also a secret project this month.  I’ll be keeping notes and posting in March.
  • March:  Do 100 sit-ups at one time by the end of the month.
  • April:  Spring Cleaning.  I will declutter every room in my house this month.
  • May:  Have a sit-down dinner with my family, at the dining room table at least 3 times per week.
  • June:  No computer use, while anyone else in the family is awake, except for household necessities, such as bills.
  • July:  Write fiction every day.
  • August:  Buy nothing new this month.
  • September:  Attempt to learn a new language.
  • October:   No yelling at the kids.
  • November:  No complaining.  Not at home, not at work.
  • December:  I will have done 14 projects this year.  December is a month off.
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    1. Maybe you could make yourself a promise to wrap up any projects you didn’t complete in December. It would give you an extra incentive to complete them all so you can have December free.

      I’m trying to be able to do 100 situps by the end of March since 20 hurts right now. I’m also trying to work myself up to 50 pushups (real ones, not girly ones) since 15 is pushing it right now. I was really active up to the end of college (rollerblading everywhere)…then I got a cubicle job. 5 years of hardly any activity has not been good. I feel your pain.

      What does your wife think of all these 30 day projects? Has she made her own? I only ask since my husband and I accomplish stuff better together than apart…

    2. I just did a test for my baseline rep count last night. I can do 20 pushups, then my abs feel like they are about to cramp up and they hurt today.

      My wife is on board, but she’s not participating, yet. She’s less of a morning person than I am, so 5 hasn’t happened, and she can’t do pushups. There’s a problem with her elbows that make them painful. She’s planning to do the situps with me, and some of the rest involve her, in some way.

    3. I’m with her on the 5am thing. 🙂 Good luck with the rest!


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