My Investment Portfolio

I’m not a financial adviser.  I haven’t taken any of the classes or certifications that allow me to give investment advice.   Please don’t take this post as advice.

This is me, sharing what I have chosen to invest in.   These investments are scattered across a few different IRAs and brokerage accounts.  Copy me at your own risk.

BAC – Bank of America: I bought this low.  When any major bank is low, it’s time to buy.  I bought in stages starting at about $5 per share.  What I’ve got now has given me a 57% return.

CVS – CVS Caremark: I bought this on the advice of a friend.  It’s shown a 6% return over the past few months.

IAU & GLD – Gold ETFs: I wanted a way to get some precious metals into my IRA, so I bought a gold fund.  It’s down 7%, but I’m confident it’s going to come back.

MSFT – Microsoft:  This is one of the first stocks I bought with my 401k 10 years ago.  It’s up about 5% since I rolled it into my current IRA.

PAYX -Paychex Inc: I hate payday loans, but a friend recommended this stock and it has given me a 10% return.

SIRI –  Another recommendation from a different friend.  I don’t think it will ever hit the moon, but you won’t see me complain about the 60% return, either.

SLV – Silver ETF:  Another precious metals venture.  It’s down 3% overall, but that’s varying day to day.   A couple of weeks ago, it was around $19 per share, so it’s up nicely since then.  I predict it will continue to rise.

SYK: Stryker Corp: Another friendly recommendation.  This one is down 2%, but the recommender thinks it’s a good long-term bet, so I’ll hold it for a while.

VB – Vanguard Small-Cap ETF: I like Vanguard funds in general.  This one has given me a 5% return.

VIG – Vanguard Dividend ETF: This one pays dividends, which is usually a sign of a strong stock.  1% return.

VWO -: Vanguard Emerging Market ETF: If our economy has problems, emerging markets tend to thrive in response, so I’m hedging my bets with this.  It has lost 4% so far.

IDMOX – An ING family fund that has served me well.  13% return.

VFINX – Vanguard S&P index fund.  2% return.

RICK – Rick’s Cabaret: A few days ago, I read an article about Rick’s Cabaret losing a lawsuit that made all of it’s New York strippers into full employees entitled to minimum wage.  The article mentioned that Rick’s is publicly traded, which amused me, so I bought a few shares.

Those are the positions I have with one brokerage, across three accounts.   I didn’t share the balances, but overall, I have had a 10% return on these investments.

Now, I’ll share the contents of my wife’s inherited IRA.   This money was entirely in a money market when she inherited it last year.  She got nervous and would only let me play with half of it.  That half has averaged a 20% return since June 2012, with part of it hitting 29%.

These are all Fidelity funds for a specific 401k program.  I have no idea our accessible the funds are to the general public.  We are working on an IRA-mandated withdrawal of this money, so it will be moving over the course of years.

PYR INX LFC 2010/2035/2040/2045/2050 – These are targeted date funds.  Each of them has had at least a 20% return.

SM&MID Cap Equity – This fund currently has a 29% 1 year return.

That’s my investment portfolio.  Some gambles, some amusement, some solid investments.   I think I’m doing pretty well.  What do you think?

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    1. LOL about Rick’s Caberet! This reminds me that I should do an update post on the stocks we own now. It’s only like $15,000 of our whole net worth, but it’s doing well. And my husband invests his Roth IRA in stocks too while I use a target date mutual fund. Anyway, nice returns!

    2. How is the bullion in your portfolio doing now?What is the basis of your confidence in them at the current moment?
      Locally, in India, I’d say there will be a price gain as the festive season begins but I live in fear of what will happen the day the Fed turns off all the bond buying,I fear a 25% drop in prices that may take 30 years to return to these highs.
      This fear takes all the fun out of buying bullion.

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