Money-Saving Tip: Put Your Groceries Away

23 Hour Smoked Boston Butt

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Last night, we went grocery shopping.   I found a beautiful pork roast, just begging to come home with me.  It could spend all day Sunday in the smoker.   Rub some brown sugar and garlic on the outside, maybe use a mix of maple and cherry wood chips to turn my pork butt into breakfast food.   Picture this: a beautiful chunk of slow-cooked pork butt, covered in a candied crust, falling apart at the lightest touch, and tasting faintly of maple syrup.

It was love.

This morning, I woke up, walked into the kitchen to make some breakfast, and saw that beautiful butt sitting on the counter.  Room temperature meat, ruined by my negligence.   $15 in the trash.

We got back late last night, and apparently set this wonderful piece of future-food down with the non-refrigerated items were were planning to put away later.   We said good-bye to the sitter, chased the kids to bed, picked up the house a bit, and forgot about my new love.

I’m sad.

Here’s my advice:  When you get home from grocery shopping, immediately put all of the groceries away.  Let the kids juggle knives for a bit, if you have to, but get the food put away.   If that’s not going to work, at least take it all out of the shopping bags so you can check your work.

There are starving kids in Iowa.   Don’t let potential candied pork roast go to waste.

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    1. How frustrating! I feel your pain as we have done this before as well. We also will leave leftovers out overnight at times also. We try to bag all the refrigerated goods together at the store and focus on those but occasionally something gets forgotten.

    2. I almost cried when we did the same thing with like $10 of chicken breasts…it happens. 🙁

      Maybe you’ll eventually make $15 from Adsense or something from this post? 🙂

      My best advice, vent here but buy another roast. You know you want to and it’s just going to make you sadder if you don’t. But I am a bad influence probably…

    3. I made a habit of putting groceries away as soon as I bring them home for this very reason. I’ve done it several times 🙁

    4. That sucks! I’ve done it before as well. One time I forgot a frozen item on the counter because it had gotten pushed near an appliance that I normally overlook. After that happened I made a point to take groceries straight from the bag to the fridge.

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