May 30 Day Project

Before I discuss May’s 30 day project, I’m going to talk about April’s.

Last month, my goal was to declutter my entire house.  Every room, every closet, every drawer.

I missed the goal.

My wife has gotten behind this project wholeheartedly.   She’s had friends over helping almost every weekend.  She’s kept the kids occupied while I’ve been working on it. It’s been a team effort, which has been nice.    One room at a time, we’ve tackled the entire house, except for a couple of spots.

Our son’s closet isn’t finished.   He hasn’t had use of his closet since we moved him into the room he’s in.  It’s been the filing center for a couple of business opportunities.   Most of it has been cleared out, but not all.  It will be finished in the next few days.

Our storage room isn’t done.  It pains me to have a “storage room”, but I don’t think its purpose will be changing.   Now, however, instead of unopened appliances and boxes of clothes, it’s almost down to just seasonal stuff and things we do need occasionally.    We have the Christmas decorations, the pet crates, and a few other things that get used rarely, but do get used.   This room used to have a 6-foot cabinet of computer parts, leftover from the days when building/supporting computers was my main side-hustle.   That has been reduce to just one box, mostly power cords.    The gaming pads and old hard drives are gone.    All that’s left for this room is one shelf, and the remainder of another old side-hustle that has some emotional attachment for my wife.

The remaining trouble spots will be cleaned out by this weekend.   We’re having a garage sale the following weekend, and it will all be there. We’ve been pricing as we’ve been sorting, so we’re almost ready.

Decluttering an entire house that’s been filled by the horrible habits of two accumulators means we literally have thousands of things we’ll be selling in two weeks.   We split our garage with our roommmate.   Our stall is full.    We’ve got some stuff in the driveway.   We’ve got a pile of boxes in the basement, ready to go.  Our dining room is full.

Let me repeat that last point:  Our dining room is full.

My project for May was supposed to have been having dinner at the table at least 3 nights per week.   At the moment, I’m not entirely sure we still have a table. I certainly can’t see it and there is no way to use it for dinner.  This project has to be moved.

So, what’s the plan for May?   I’m going to tackle June’s project.

I will not use the computer while anyone else is awake, except for household necessities. Household necessities on the computer are almost nonexistent, since I’ve automated almost everything.    I balance the checkbook on a monthly basis, and may have to pay a quarterly bill later this month.   I’m going to take the time to be with my family, and do something that matters more than Google Reader.  That means writing happens after everyone goes to bed, or at 5AM, which will be motivation to keep that wake-up time. Internet on the blackberry counts as computer use.

Family first.

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