Link Roundup

What has happened to this week?  It’s already Friday afternoon, and I’m short a post today.    Since I skipped the link roundup last week while I was off with family, I’ll do it early this week and cheat you out of a real post today.

Finance links:

I enjoy trying new foods and eating out.  Christian PF provides tips on doing that frugally.

Trent talks about “Family Dinner Night“.  Invite a bunch of friends over to help prep and eat a buffet-style meal.  Good time for everyone on the cheap.

Free Money Finance shares his 14 Money Principles.

MoneyNing shares how to buy school supplies for less.

Miscellaneous links:

Netflix just volunteered to shaft its customers again.  There’s a 28 day wait to get most new releases, now.  If I didn’t have almost 500 movies in my queue, I’d be royally ticked.

Mother Earth News has plans for a smoker/grill/stove/oven.   I’d love to build a brick oven with a grill and smoker.  A complete, wood-fired cooking center would be perfect for my house.

Major kitchen cleaning on Lifehacker.   We’re doing this tomorrow, as part of our April Declutter.

That’s the highlight of my trip around the internet this week.

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