Link Roundup

Wrestling season is wrapping, leaving me more time to do the other things I care about.   One more week, and we cease being over-scheduled for a while.

The situps aren’t going nearly as well as the pushups did last month.  I hit 50 this week, but two days later was down to 35.   Every time I’m about to get into the groove, I over-do it and hurt my back.  I don’t like situps, much.

Finance links:

Couple Money is giving away a netbook for their 6 month blog anniversary.  Subscribe and follow them on Twitter.   Head over for the details.

CNN’s 20 best money websites. I didn’t make the cut, so I’m sad.

Trent talks about Litterless Juice Boxes.  The dollar store near my house sells them for one third the price of Amazon.

We’ve got another example of governments failure to run a cost/benefit analysis.

Other links:

Here’s a photo essay of the 2010 Paralympics.  Stop saying “I can’t.”

If you go out in the woods, wishful thinking doesn’t keep you at the top of the food chain.

Cut your onions cold to avoid tears.

Make Greek yogurt at home.

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    1. I’ll have to try cutting our onions when they’re cold since I hate the tearing up part…

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