I’ve spent my entire adult life trying to live to a fairly strict code of behavior.


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I don’t cheat.  Not at games, in my relationships, on my taxes, nothing.  I don’t cut corners or try to get away with things.

The reason isn’t that I’m trying to be some fictional knight in a storybook.  It’s been my experience that cutting those corners always seems to be more expensive in the long run, whether it’s fines, lost friends and relationships, or even a general crappiness of life.  The people I know who are always trying to get away with stuff or get ahead at someone else’s expense have the least, whether that’s money, friends, loved ones, or happiness.

Living a noble, honorable life has benefits.  

I don’t pay fines and penalties often.  Just the occasional speeding ticket, but that’s been one in the last 10+ years.  Not getting fined for parking in a handicap spot or cheating on my taxes makes it far easier to save my money and build my wealth than constantly handing money over to the government.  I’ve got a friend who can’t keep himself away from the justice system.  Spending 3 or more months in jail every year makes it hard to keep a job or have a relationship with your family.

My friends know they are my friends.  They can count on me and that means I can count on them.  They also know that if that equation falls out of balance, it will be over.  I only want friends I can count on.  If you can’t have my back, or you feel a need to gossip about my life, I don’t want you in it.

My kids have no insecurities about my love.  They know I am here for them, no matter what happens.  Even if the occasional temper tantrum has them screaming that I clearly hate them, they know better.  They know this father’s love is unconditional.

Work trusts me.  Last year, I basically created the department I work in my telling my boss that I was sure I could make it work.

I have some badass karma.  In general my life if pretty good, and I like to think it’s because I work to be a good person, do good things, and treat the people in my life right.

There are some downsides.   Not everyone lives like this and I have problems relating to them.   I’m not a sympathetic person to someone who tries to duck out on child support or who has to spend 30 days in the workhouse for trying to hock a stolen stereo.  I can come across as a bit self-righteous.

I expect the people in my life to live the same way and treat me the same way.  When that fails to happen, those people are nearly always evicted from life.

Life’s too short for people willing to screw you over.

Sometimes, though, that eviction is too complicated to do quickly, cleanly, or easily.  That’s can be a turmoil in my life, and I hate turmoil.   I don’t normally have to debate the correct course of action.   Something is either right or it’s not.  If it’s not, I know it and it doesn’t get done.   If I have to wonder, then it’s definitely not right.

Every once in a while, I get stuck with a choice between shitty options and that’s where this system fails.   Sometimes, no option is good, right, and proper.  Every choice has a big downside, and none of the choices are clearly right.

That’s turmoil.  Indecisive, emotional, horrible turmoil.

How was your day?

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    1. You hit the nail on the head. Choosing between two crappy options is when life sucks.

      I also try to live based on my own moral code and honorably overall (although I need to work on my gossiping within our group at home), but my line is definitely “if you don’t have my back, I won’t have yours” like you said. I am there for my friends and family and expect the same. I also seem a little self-righteous when someone doesn’t live up to the expectations I set for myself and others. And that makes for crappy days when I am let down.

      Good luck! Call if you need to talk!

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