20 Happy Thoughts

Since I’ve been on a bit of a death theme lately, I thought I post something purely happy.

Here it is.  In no particular order, twenty unequivocated things that make me happy.

  1. My three year old has the most beautiful blue/silver/gray eyes I have ever seen.
  2. In the past 32 months, I’ve reduced my total debt load by $42,859.70.  That’s an average reduction of $1,339.37 per month.
  3. My insane work schedule is paying off.  I’m more than halfway to making my day job’s income redundant.
  4. My preteen son is currently showing none of the signs of the horrible rebellion that I put my parents through.
  5. The world hasn’t imploded, exploded, or tilted its axis recently.
  6. My parents did a good job of raising me.
  7. I haven’t touched my overdraft line of credit in more than 2 years.
  8. My wife loves me.
  9. I love her.
  10. Wrestling season starts tomorrow, and Punk ended last season with real promise.
  11. I’ve dropped 12 pounds in the last 16 days.
  12. Bacon is good.
  13. Daughter #1 is starting kindergarten in September and excited about it.
  14. Our cars are paid off.
  15. This site helps me stay motivated to eliminate my debt.
  16. You rock.
  17. I may get out of debt just before the world ends.
  18. The Yakezie Network has helped get this blog to where it is.  If you’ve got a finance blog, join today.  You won’t regret it.
  19. FINCON 2012 is is Denver and I won’t be napping on my motorcycle on the way there, like I did the last time I went to Denver.  It’s not something I recommend, but it makes a neat story.
  20. I have 20 things to be happy about.   That’s a recursive happy-maker right there.

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    1. Good job on the debt paydown!

    2. I am glad this works for you! I ask my students to write down 10 accomplishments to raise their self esteem.

    3. I need to do this. I sometimes get lost in the negatives and this is not good. I try to remind myself of the good but I don’t do it as often as I should. Thanks for the great idea. Congrats on such an awesome list too.

    4. “Bacon is good.” Really, isn’t that all the happiness we really need in the world 😉

      Great list! I should do this just to record my happiness.

    5. Great list, I will have to into the Yakezie network.

    6. Congratulations on reducing your debt and paying off your cars!! So glad you took the time to make this list, it’s so easy to forget the things that make us smile =). #16 is my favorite!!

    7. Even i felt that my parents did a fine job in raising me.. Sadly I realized it when I became a father & when they were far away! Great thoughts.. Loved all of them, specifically the 6th one!!!


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