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As some of you have noticed, the link to subscribe by email has changed.   While you do still have the option to subscribe to the rss feed through Feedburner, I’m no longer providing the link or recommending it.   What I have in its place is an actual email list.

Yes, you can now subscribe to Live Real, Now by email, without having to go through Feedburner. That means you can get all of the updates in your email, for free! This is magic.  This magic gives me another option to offer contests and free stuff.

There are two lists to choose from.

  1. The Magic option will have occasional deals, giveaways, contests, and opportunities not available to anyone else.
  2. The Posts and Magic option will send make sure you never miss a post from LRN by landing them in your email inbox. All the Magic from the first list is included here.

Your email will never be shared, with anyone, for any reason whatsoever. Ever. I hate spammers with a passion fueled by the fiery pits of hell to which spammers should be cast. I won’t be that guy.

Please, take this chance to subscribe to the magic.

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