Expensive Cheese

Saturday morning, I woke up to a room-temperature refrigerator.   I dislike drinking milk that’s 40 degrees warmer than I’m used to.

We called the repairman who showed up at 9PM and poked around in the fridge for a bit before announcing that he didn’t have the needed parts in his truck.

The parts came Monday.  The next repairman got there Tuesday afternoon.   For those of you keeping track at home, that’s nearly 4 days without a refrigerator.

That poor bacon.

Tuesday’s repairman didn’t think highly of Saturday’s.  Apparently, the two parts Saturday ordered never go bad at the same time, so he was guessing.

He also didn’t notice the slice of individually wrapped American cheese that had slipped between a shelf and one of the cold-air vents, preventing any air flow at all.


I wish I would have noticed that on Saturday.   I now own the most expensive cheese in the world.   It’s not Pule, which comes in at $616 per pound.  This lowly slice of American cheese cost me nearly $200.  At one ounce per slice, that’s $3200 per pound.   Of course, I’m counting the lost food.   My hamburger, eggs, bacon, milk, and mayonnaise are gone, along with every other perishable bit of food we had on hand.

I don’t know how much the repairs cost.   Saturday’s visit, minus the parts, was billed at $95.  I didn’t see the total for Tuesday’s visit.

We pay for a repair plan through our gas company.   For around $15 per month, we get a list of appliances protected.   We don’t have to worry about our washer, dryer, water softener, stove, refrigerator, or our sewer main.    Assuming Tuesday’s visit was billed the same as Saturday’s, this one repair paid for the plan for an entire year.   When you count our sewer main–which backs up with tree roots once a year and costs at least $200 to fix–the repair plan is definitely worth it for us.

When we get tenants in my mother-in-law’s house, we’ll have the repair plan set up there, too.

Do you use any kind of repair plan?  How is it working out for you?

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    1. Kind of a ‘cheesy’ story (see what I did there?).

      We also have a repair plan through the gas company. In the four years we’ve had it since we moved in, we never used it the first three years but used it twice so far this year: One to get a replacement front gasket on the washing machine when it developed a big tear, and the other to replace the igniter on the gas stove when it would no longer light.

    2. Oof! That stinks, literally. I’m sorry you dealt with this, but I bet it’ll never happen again!

    3. I could have bought a home warranty when I bought my house but they just aren’t cost effective and they try to get out of everything.

    4. We don’t have gas in this house, so a repair plan isn’t offered. But we would have lost money over the last 5 years if it was. We had new everything, so the only appliance repair we’ve had to make was a $40 electric thermostat for the water heater. Now, if I could have gotten the floors and trims warrantied before a crazy dog killed them…that would have been great…

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