Ever since she was a little girl, my wife has wanted to be a horse.   Err, work with horses.

English: Horse standing ready at the trailer, ...

English: Horse standing ready at the trailer, first morning of a competitive trail ride. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The problem is that most jobs working with horses pay horse-crap.   It’s hard to raise a family on a stablehand’s income.

Her alternative was to own horses.   This comes with a different set of problems.   The biggest problem is that we live on 1/8 of an acre in a first-ring suburb.   That’s not a lot of room to graze, though I would be willing to give up my spot in the garage.

I rock like that.

Boarding a horse costs a minimum of $200 per month.   Two girls means two horses, otherwise, they won’t both be able to score in the saddle club.   For the math challenged, that’s $400 per month, plus about $300 in preventative vet care per year.

$5100 for a year of boarding an extremely obsolete car.

Then, you need a trailer to get the horse to shows.  You need saddles and reins and and short-legged stirrups and feedbags and muck-rakes and brushes and combs and hoof-cleaning-thingies and other stuff that will catch me by surprise for years to come.


My rough estimate is that it costs at least $10,000 to get into horse ownership, and that’s not counting the horse itself.

You can buy a horse for well under $1000 if you aren’t concerned about registration or speed.  A 15 year old horse can last 10-15 more years, so it’s not money down the drain.

That’s $12,000 to get in and $5100 per year to stay in.  Minimum.

Never let it be said that I’m not a pushover.   Last month, we bought an SUV that can pull a horse trailer.   Last weekend, we bought the trailer.  That’s two major steps towards making my wife’s dreams come true.   The rest of the plan culminates in a hobby farm in the sticks.

There are several steps in between.

I just need to put the brakes on every other step.    We’ve been offered the free use of one pony next season, and we may be able to get another for the same price.    Beyond that, we need to be patient.   There will be no ponies purchased until the new truck and old mortgage are paid.


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    1. Wow! Big steps. Congrats on pursuing the dream.

    2. You care about your wife’s dream. That doesn’t make you a pushover – it makes you a good partner. Added bonus – horses are awesome and you can use her as an excuse to play with them. Or the manly equivalent…whatever. 😉

    3. I loved my horses growing up on a farm, and it was relatively cheap. We didn’t have to pay room or board, vet care was minimal, food was grown on the farm, and since we didn’t show, there was no need for a trailer. Still, owning three horses cost a ton of time — and I mean a TON of time — and hard work. But I loved those horses; much worth the effort!

    4. Wow, kudos to you, my friend. That is a big step! My wife has always wanted a horse, but she’s not going to get one. Unless we win the lottery. But to do that we would have to play the lottery…so she’s not getting a horse.

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