Do you have what it takes to be wealthy?

I saw this quiz and thought it would be fun to liveblog taking it.   Yes, I’m lame.   I’m going to take the quiz here.   I’m copying the questions over before reading the answers and answering each question before reading the next.

1.  How optimistic are you?

I have to go with A, the glass is half full, but I like to think I’m more of a “That’s half of a glass of water” kind of guy.

2.  When you grew up, your parents were:

A & C.  We owned a home, but money was always tight.   I’m picking C.   We always had everything we needed, so we certainly weren’t poor, but I also didn’t have every video game system in existence.

3.  How healthy are you?

A.  I can’t complain.  I’m borderline on a few issues, but overall, I’m pretty healthy.

4.  How smart are you?

I’d bet very few people consider themselves stupid, regardless of evidence to the contrary.  I’ll take B, smarter than most, and hope it doesn’t sound arrogant.

5.  What level of education did you complete?

B.  College.   I went to a tech school and took a diploma program.  That’s working out well for me, so far.

6.  Physically, you are:

A, B, & C.  I’m tall, heavy, and pretty darn sexy!

7.  What’s your sibling situation?

I have two and I’m the middle child.

8.  Are you married?

A.  Yes, to spouse #1.

9.  Do you have kids?

3 of the little monsters.  They are a money-drain, but worth every penny.  Most days.

10.  Do you exercise?

D.  I neither smoke nor exercise.   There’s no middle-of-the-road answer to this one.  You either hit the gym regularly, or you are a lump on the couch.

11.  People describe you as:

B.  Persistent.  I think the actual word used is “obsessive”.

12.  Do you believe a woman’s place is in the home.

A.  I may joke about it, but that’s not a choice for me to make.

13.  When it comes to work:

A, B & C.   I have a day job, but I’m also regularly pursuing side-hustles, including one that is 4 years old and relatively profitable.  Since I can only choose one, it’s A, because that’s my primary income.

14.  How would you like to jump out of a plane?

A.  I want to, but promised my wife I’d wait until the kids were out of the house.

15.  Who would you rather emulate?

B.  I’m not into an entourage, and have no urge to surround myself with 500 of my closest leeches.   Good times with good friends is enough for me.

I scored 39 out of 72, which puts me in “You’ve got a shot at real money!”   My financial outlook puts me at comfortable, but not care-free, which is an okay place to be.

What’s your score?

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    1. I liked D on #1: The Glass is Broken Shards Like My Life…that seems to be an answer for someone who needs to get off the computer and make a psych appointment…like right now. I also like “Smarter than a box of rocks”. 🙂

      I scored a 34…apparently my stupid siblings set me back as well as being nice…hahahaha, that was worth a few smiles. 🙂

    2. Hmmm, Riches sure don’t seem to come easy to me 🙁

      Some of the answers surprised me! Thanks for pointing me to the quiz!

      – Final score: 42 of 72 points –
      – 42 and up points –
      – –
      – Lucky you! Riches come easy. –


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