Changing Our Situation

In September 2005, I bought my car, a Chrysler Pacifica.  I got it on a loan.   Two months later–seven years ago this month–I was told I’d be laid off at the end of the year.

Two weeks ago, we bought a Chevy Tahoe with a loan.   Last Monday, my wife was permanently laid off after 12 years with her company.   She was told that, if her department opened back up, she’d be welcome to reapply for her job and start as a new employee.

Car loans mean layoffs at my house.

Last Tuesday, I got a formal offer for a new job.  I accepted.

I am now a full month away from knowing exactly what my semi-monthly paychecks will be.  My wife is getting her final paycheck later this week, which will include a week of severance pay.

For the first time in a number of years, I don’t know what my income looks like.   I don’t have a clear long-term picture or a good short-term picture.

I’m not worried.

For the first time in my life, I’m not living paycheck-to-paycheck.  Having a couple of pay periods act wonky isn’t going to hurt.   Yes, we are going to cut back, but we can manage for a few months without worry.  We aren’t going to sweat over putting food on the table.

That is an incredible feeling.

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    1. I bet that is a great feeling! I’m happy for you 🙂

    2. Sorry to hear the bad news but congrats on the new job! You might want to try the calculators at to see if you can at least estimate your paycheck.

    3. Yay for being at that point where even big hits can be taken in stride! Congrats and I hope you adore your new job!!!

    4. Congrats, this is a huge feat! I can’t wait to get there! We’re slowly working on it!

    5. Funancials says:

      Lots of change..usually we re so scared of change but it often works out better. Best of luck to you all.

    6. How great is it to not live paycheck to paycheck and not be devasted by a recent layoff!?!? What one thing would you recommend to someone who is currently living check to check?

      Congrats on the new gig by the way!

    7. In short no more car buying for your family on loan. Heck I would be worried just to buy a car at all. I am glad that you have a different outlook on life and not worried. Just keep being positive.

    8. Congrats on the new job offer Jason!

      Hopefully it brings you more money and more freedom!


    9. hey congratulations on the new job as well as the security of being able to have a little freedom so you don’t panic if life throws you a wrench. ps you should get a better spam filter.

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