Carnival Roundups: The Weaponized Syphilis Edition

Last weekend, I was in Denver for the Financial Blogger Conference.  Last week, I had a sore throat that got worse each day until my tonsils started touching on Friday.  I could barely talk, so I went to the doctor, then to bed.

It apparently wasn’t strep throat, but beyond that, it could be anything from motaba to weaponized syphilis*.

This is one of those occasions when I’m happy to be living in the future, where a quick trip to the clinic can knock out what would have been hopeless and fatal and few hundred years ago.  Antibiotics and a day spent in bed watching super hero movies made me better.  That beats bloodletting any day.

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Thanks for including my posts.

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* Weaponized Syphilis

This involves giving each of the syphilis spirochetes an M16 and a Manifest Destiny indoctrination before releasing them into the wild.  The transport mechanism (the “insertion method”) remains as fun as ever.

Have a great weekend!

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    1. My throat got better within a day of landing back in Houston, BUT then I spent the next 3 days being majorly ill and spending most of my time in the restroom. So obviously, Denver hates us.

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