Book Review: Turning Pro

I’ve got a big to-read pile.   It’s got approximately 200 physical books and 400 ebooks on it.

I may have a problem.

I’ve also been going through a massive decluttering/organizing phase.   It must be a phase because I’ve never been so dedicated to cleaning out my stuff before.

The combination is interesting for me.   I can’t throw out the books because they’re books.   Books aren’t for the garbage, they are for reading, savoring, sharing.   Gotta read ’em.

Since I want to organize and declutter, the books need to be read before they can be moved to my “already read this” bookshelves with their 2500 new brothers and sisters.

Did I mention I may have a problem?

My solution is simple.  I put a book I’ve been meaning to read in my upstairs reading room.  I put another book I’ve been meaning to read in my downstairs reading room.   Depending on where I am when the…err…need to read comes upon me, I’ve got a book that isn’t my current fiction read ready to go.   I just have to make sure the book doesn’t fall into the sink.   (If you’re slow, this means my reading rooms are what other people call bathrooms.)   Other people bring their smartphones into the reading room, but I’m trying to better myself.   Facebook isn’t going to do that for me.   And yes, this means I’m currently reading 4 books at once.  (Reading room #1, reading room #2, kindle[fiction], kindle[non-fiction])

The first book in the series is Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield.

Hated it.

That was easy.

Now, I like Pressfield’s fiction.  Gates of Fire was one of the coolest takes on one the most bad-ass battles in recorded history.   It’s good.

I’m not a fan of his non-fiction, though.  Turning Pro is all about how to “Tap your inner power and create your life’s work.”   Wonderful!  I want that.

The problem is that he forgot to include that part.   The entire book can be summarized as “Drop everything and make your work happen.  You can do it! (cue hippie-woo-feelings).  If you don’t succeed, it’s your fault.  Go flip a burger.”   It’s all true enough, but hardly worthy of the time spent writing a book.   I’m glad I got it free.

Read Gates of Fire instead.

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