Black Friday Eve

Today is Black Friday Eve.  It’s the day when people gather around the table and gorge in preparation for the mighty battle to

Black Friday shoppers at Walmart

Ick!  Who thinks this is fun?

come on the fields of Wal-Mart.

We won’t be participating this year.    My wife got laid off 3 weeks ago and I started a new job on Monday.   The new job has a 2 week delay between pay period and pay check, so I won’t see a check until the middle of December.

We aren’t hurting but we are tapping into our savings to bridge the gap to paycheck #1.   I just transferred $1200 to cover the gap.   With that, the money we have to cover things not in our regular budget is $36.    You can’t go too crazy on Black Friday with $36.

That isn’t draining our savings.  We took some, but not all of it.

It isn’t raiding our Christmas present fund.

It isn’t taking money out of the braces fund.

Or any other fund.

This isn’t pain and we won’t be tasting poverty for Christmas.   We just have to de-prioritize blind consumerism for the holidays.

Instead, we’ll sleep in a bit, then cuddle with a couple of little girls who will want to watch something horrible like Horseland first thing in the morning.   We’ll follow that up with a leisurely breakfast, maybe a walk around the neighborhood pond and Thanksgiving-A-Day-Late with my wife’s family.

And a bit of remodeling and repair work on our rental property whenever my Dad can drag himself out of bed and come over.

It will be a good day and shouldn’t cost a cent.  That’s what I’m thankful for.

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    1. I would rather pay more than brave Black Friday crowds…true story! We are on such a tight budget that we are not buying Christmas presents this year, actually.

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