Beating High Drug Costs – OR – A Primer on Smuggling

Please assume that this post is fiction. I am in no way saying that I have broken the law or advocating that others do so.

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First of all, I am actually a fan of expensive drug prices. Drug companies invest billions into research and development and have a relatively short window of time to recoup that cost before their patents expire. That means new drugs are funded through expensive medicines. Without that hefty price tag, we wouldn’t get ground-breaking medicine.

However, when my doctor gives me a prescription that costs $1000, it gives my a serious pause. Yes, that’s for what’s supposed to last 9 months(in reality, about 6), but that’s still a huge chunk of change.

But what are the alternatives?

Some people go to Mexico or Canada for medicine.

Me? I went to (Ed. This is not an ad.  They don’t pay me anything.  I pay them). For real. At least,a hypothetical, fictional for real. ADC is an Indian pharmacy. In India, an awful lot of non-narcotic medicines aren’t considered controlled substances, so they can be sold under different rules than in the US. For example, you can buy antibiotics over the counter or through the mail, legally. At least legally there.

I placed my fictional order using a credit card I don’t use for anything. It is an Indian company, after all. I also won’t give them my bank account information to do a wire transfer, like they would prefer. That would be stupid.

Once an order is placed, it is manually approved, usually within a few hours, depending on time differences and their office hours.

From there, your package is shipped within a could of days. As soon as it hits the New Delhi postal system, you can track the package.

The biggest time delay is customs in the US. That adds about 2 weeks to the shipping time. If, for some reason, customs rejects the package, ADC will ship another right away, but that’s pretty unlikely. Customs has better things to do than inspect every tiny box that comes through. Unless you set up a commercial distribution system (read: drug dealer), you really don’t have anything to worry about.

Are the drugs legit?

Yes. My imaginary order has been doing exactly what I was expecting it to do over the months I’ve been using it.

At 1/100th of the domestic price, it’s totally worth it, you just have to order the medicine about 3 weeks before you need it.

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    1. $1000 would have had me looking into alternatives too! Thanks for the specific recommendations for hypothetical people. 🙂

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