Be Happy With What You Have…

…or you will never be happy.

An emoticon with a smile. For more emoticons i...

An emoticon with a smile.

A newer car, a bigger TV, a nicer house, a fancier phone, better tickets, more friends, more gadgets, more toys…more, bigger, better…whatever.

It’s all a disappointment.

Nothing on that list will provide happiness.  If that is your goal, you will spend your life miserable.  It’s not possible to buy happiness, either directly or indirectly through the accumulation of “stuff”.  A purchase may fuel your ego or trigger endorphins, but it is all temporary.  There’s no sustainable happiness in the “high” of the latest purchase.

The search for stuff pales in comparison to the search for meaning.  Find your passion and follow that. Chase that to the ends of the earth, and come back feeling fulfilled.  Feel something that will last longer than the drive home or the next product release.

Find contentment.  At some point there is a satisfying level of “enough”.   More than that, you feel empty.  Less, envious.   Find enough and stop there.   Find the level that allows you to do the things you need to do and some of what you want to do.  Find your balance point and be happy with it.

Living life constantly disappointed that you don’t have more is a sure way to live life disappointed. How do you find your balance point?

Also, have you started the Happiness Challenge?

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    1. Ever since our trip to Africa I have been doing exactly this. I have really changed my perspective on how I look at our life and situation. We are so fortunate and should be happy accordingly. No more dwelling on what really doesn’t matter.

    2. I don’t know…I could be happier with a bigger TV. Still have an old bulky one from 12 years ago.

      I get the point though and tend not to fixate on material things.

    3. Contentment is a great state to be in 🙂


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