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I am so well-trained.

I was more than a bit wild when I was younger.    For the most part, that ended when my son was born.  When you procreate, it’s time to put the wild on a shelf and become a reliable provider.  That’s just the way it is.  Anybody who prioritizes the wild over the progeny needs to be forcibly sterilized and exiled before be sold for parts.

When my mother-in-law got a membership to Sam’s Club, she gave my wife the second card, so we effectively have a membership.  For those who don’t know, Sam’s Club is a warehouse store that has some incredibly good deals and a lot of things that look like good deals because you are buying in bulk.

The thing I hate most about warehouse stores is the default accusation of theft when you leave.   They require you to line up so the the person by the door can look at your receipt and pretend to count what’s in your cart while they are really scanning for the most-stolen items in the store and ignoring the rest.  The only thing they really accomplish is making all of their customer feel like thieves.

I used to bypass the line and the checker and just leave.   My wife got sick of the indignant screeches coming from the store as we left.  Eventually she got me to stop.

Last night, I went back to pick up supplies for a fund-raiser I’m helping to organize on Sunday.  I went with one of the other organizers, who had some personal shopping to do later.   We checked out using his account and he paid, while I took the food home to keep until Sunday.  Since he’ll be getting reimbursed for the food, he kept the receipt while I headed for the door.  Anybody see the problem here?

When the receipt-checker challenged me, I docilely stepped to the side and called my friend to bring the receipt to the door.  I hate the feeling of submitting to authority, especially when the authority is pretending to be customer service.  I just calmly did what the door-cop told me, just like my wife wanted, even though she wasn’t there.

I hate warehouse stores.

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    1. Well put! We are getting so used to having everyone mess with us we hardly notice anymore.

      • Voting with our wallets is the only way to change it, but we want to take advantage of the prices more than we want to defend our consumer dignity.

    2. I am not a fan of warehouse stores either. The highlighter line down the receipt is so dumb. Like they are going to catch if I stole a bottle of vanilla? (not that I would, just using an example.)

      • I have a friend who used to work in loss prevention at Sam’s Club. They are looking for specific items that are regularly stolen. It’s primarily electronics and baby formula.

        It is stupid. Most of the stuff that gets stolen goes out the back door, not the front.

    3. Things like that normally bother me, but for some reason that’s never hit one of my nerves.

    4. at costco (same idea) i usually just accept it as part of the deal, but it really ticks me off at walmart. i guess i’m just weird.

    5. Agree completely but there you sign up to become a member of the club. I was at Fry’s Electronics the other day and they check your receipt there too and it really annoyed me. They treat you like cattle then think you are stealing stuff. I wish I knew another place that carried some of the stuff I was wanting and to never go there again.

    6. We don’t mind our list being checked at Costco because the only time there was a question was when the clerk informed us that we were charged for something that we never even bought! Such luck, eh?


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